Cummins has been closely associated with the Compressor Industry for the past four decades and is proud to be the driving force behind machines that bring aid to the end users and communities, which benefit from these services.

Cummins powers the widest range of Compressor applications produced by leading manufacturers in the country.

Cummins offers customized value packages for a variety of Compressor applications and the only manufacturer to have powered the entire range of the Compressors industry - 60-650 hp. Cummins is the preferred choice of end users, equipment builders and Original Engine Manufacturers (OEM).

Cummins Advantage for Compressor

Cummins' expertise in application engineering offers the latest technology engines, customized value packages, with cooling, exhaust, air intake and fuel control systems fully integrated with the equipment design. All this is backed with the industry's longest warranty and the "Best in Class" after-sales service network at the remotest of locations.

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