Um mundo de viagens leva Clarissa até o Meio-Oeste

Only 13% of engineers in the U.S. are women. Though that number is expected to continue growing in the coming years, women interested in engineering still face significant challenges and obstacles when pursuing a career as an engineer. Clarissa Arriaga is one of the young women at ClarissaCummins blazing trails for female engineers, present and future. As a manufacturing engineer at the Cummins MidRange Engine Plant, Clarissa values gender diversity and equality in her career.

Inclusion in action

"In engineering, women are always trying to make sure they feel comfortable in a room. It's an aspect to working that most men in STEM don't have to think about much," she says. "At Cummins, I never really have to think about that either -- I already feel comfortable in my environment as an equal part of my team. A lot of women in STEM don't have that luxury."

Cummins is committed to building a diverse workforce where all people feel welcome, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Inclusion is in our roots. J. Irwin Miller, long-time Cummins CEO, believed in the power of listening to all voices. To this day, we believe that no single gender, race or ethnicity has a monopoly on wisdom or innovation.

So many teams are a mix of all different kinds of people. You can sit down at a table and have every perspective.

She continues, "You have eastern and western cultures, male and female, someone that's been there for 30 years and someone that's been there for one year. We see these differences in a positive way, because it brings new perspectives, ideas and personalities to the table."Clarissa in the great outdoors

A world of experience, centered in the Midwest

Clarissa grew up in Venezuela, but she's always been a wandering soul. After living in Belgium, attending college in Venezuela, and finishing her education in Florida (USA), Clarissa landed an internship followed by a full-time position with Cummins in Columbus, Indiana (USA). It's not every day that a world traveler puts down roots in a small Midwestern city, but something about Columbus caught Clarissa's attention.

"I'm a free spirit in Columbus," says Clarissa. "As an outdoorsy person, I can find so many ways to be outside here, no matter the weather or temperature. And the people of Columbus are so nice - it has the small town feeling with the activities and opportunities of a bigger city."

Clarissa and her RV
Clarissa, her boyfriend, and Amber the Camper

To fulfill her inner traveler, Clarissa and her boyfriend recently purchased an ambulance that they're remodeling into an RV they've dubbed "Amber the Camper" while documenting the entire process on Instagram

"The ambulance was already super sturdy and set up with cabinets and usable space," Clarissa says. "It's been a fun project to work on in my free time, and we can't wait to travel the country with Amber."

Empowered to live a balanced life

Work-life integration and the freedom to explore her passions are part of what makes Cummins a great fit for a free spirit like Clarissa. Flexible hours, independence and a strong support system help Cummins employees thrive in their personal lives while building a fulfilling career.

"I wouldn't be able to do my job if I didn't have that balance," Clarissa says. "I need the free time to go outside, exercise and cook good food. That's what makes me who I am, so I can bring my own perspective and best self to the table at work."

As part of the Women's Empowerment Network at Cummins, Clarissa is passionate about helping other women take charge of their careers and navigate personal and professional development. The group plans events such as lunch-and-learns and educational talks about work-life integration, mentorship and more.

I want to help women know they deserve a seat at the table. If you're the only woman in a room, it's an opportunity to prove yourself, open people's minds, and show them what you're made of.


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Lauren Cole (Lauren)

Lauren é especialista em comunicações digitais sênior da Cummins Inc., onde se concentra em mídias sociais, branding de empregador e mídia digital. Lauren ingressou na empresa no início de 2017 e tem Bacharelado em Ciências em Marketing pela Indiana University. She currently resides in Maine with her husband and three dogs.

Você mais saudável: cinco dicas simples para ajudar a melhorar sua saúde mental

Dia Mundial da Saúde Mental – cinco dicas para melhorar sua saúde mental

World Mental Health Day is observed every October, but that doesn't mean you can't - and shouldn't - try to prioritize your mental and physical wellbeing 365 days a year. 

Todos estamos tendo que lidar com muitas coisas no momento. É importante cuidar de si para que você possa se sentir mais forte, mais saudável e mais relaxado. There are things none of us can control, but taking small, simple actions can make a big difference in how you feel.

In observance of World Mental Health Day, which is recognized every year on October 10, we’ve compiled five suggestions to help get you started. At Cummins, “Caring” is one of our core values, so whether you’re a Cummins employee, customer or someone simply looking for tips on how to improve your mental health, your physical and mental wellbeing matters


Exercise (think "baby steps!"…even a short walk helps), drink lots of water, see your doctor, eat foods that make you healthier, take time to stretch throughout the day.


Try something new and creative, call a friend/family member, send a card/note, organize lunch/dinner over video chat with friends or family.


Learn something new, schedule  breaks to relax, challenge your negative thoughts, break goals down into small steps, take deep breaths.

World Mental Health Day - Tips for a healthier you


Try yoga, meditation, make a list of three things you are grateful for, engage in random acts of kindness, spend time in nature or outdoors when possible.


Focus on the present moment, not what might happen; increase positive self-talk – be a cheerleader for yourself or a friend, find activities that relieve stress and tension, journal, try therapy or support group.

For more information on World Mental Health Day, including additional resources for the public, visit the World Health Organization (WHO) online

Prédio de escritórios da Cummins

Cummins Inc.

A Cummins é líder mundial em energia que projeta, fabrica, vende e comercializa motores diesel e de combustível alternativo de 2,8 a 95 litros, grupos geradores elétricos movidos a diesel e alternativos de 2,5 a 3, 500 kW, bem como componentes e tecnologia relacionados. A Cummins atende a seus clientes por meio de sua rede de 600 instalações de distribuidores independentes e de propriedade da empresa e mais de 7, 200 locais de revendedores em mais de 190 países e territórios.

A paixão de Parke pelo aprendizado o levou às Novas Energias

Se não é novo, não é Parke. Nos últimos oito anos, a jornada diversificada de Parke Wang com a Cummins permitiu que ele realizasse sua paixão por aprender coisas novas. His most recent role as a Lab Operations Manager of New Power's Wuhan, China facility presents an exciting opportunity to focus on innovation and new technology.

My role in the New Power team is really exciting - it gives me the opportunity to constantly learn new things, and this is what motivates me every day.

China is a rapidly growing market for Cummins' New Power business, and Parke's role is vital to it's success. Parke is responsible for overseeing all operations at Wuhan's Electrified Power workshop. The workshop is used for vehicle integration work, such as the XCMG electric excavator, which made its debut earlier in the year, and a range of advanced testing, including the electrical control and battery testing. You could say Parke is the power behind the workshop. Part of an operations team of six experts, Parke is responsible for overseeing the calibration of equipment, health and safety in the lab, and the well-being of 20 employees, as well as conducting daily checks to ensure the instruments are working effectively.

Always up for a challenge Parke Wang

Wuhan has become a location the world is familiar with due to being hit hard and hit first by the COVID-19 pandemic. Parke has never been one to shy away from a challenge, and when his facility was hit by the pandemic, he stepped up to manage the Health, Safety and Environment of the employees onsite throughout COVID-19. Leading the way in the "new normal" and helping employees return to work safely, Parke implemented a variety of measures to make way for new work arrangements. "During lockdown, I had a huge role to play - moving online and working alongside the rest of the Health & Safety team, we prepared emergency response plans and put infection prevention guidelines in place." Keeping our employees safe was Parke's number one priority.

Once we returned to the workshop after sheltering in place, my main priority was to check that everyone was safe each day. It was important to me to ask the team about both their physical health and mental health. Although it was tough, we believed things would get better.

Another piece to Parke's Cummins jigsaw

Joining Cummins Filtration in 2012 with an ambition for a career in mechanical engineering, little did Parke know that eight years later he would find himself here. From spending three years in Filtration as a testing and validation engineer, to becoming a regional service manager in our Fuel Systems unit for two years, Parke notes that his first five years with Cummins really embedded the knowledge he needs to fuel his role as Lab Operations Manager in New Power.

My first five years here were exceedingly helpful. My time as a testing engineer gave me the engineering knowledge and my time as a service manager where I could work with OEMs daily allowed me to develop my communication skills.

Parke's roles join up like a jigsaw puzzle. He describes how the skills he developed in both of his previous roles have equipped him for his role in New Power. "Working in the operations team, I work closely with the engineering team on the workshop floor. At times, the engineers will communicate in terms that other departments don't quite understand. My experience allows me to act as a translator for them and offer effective communication between different functions."

Parke WangTechnology and transport

For Parke, the learning curve does not stop when he leaves work, and he loves to travel the world and learn about different cultures - Japan, Thailand, South Korea are just a few of the countries Parke has visited. Living by the motto, "Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles," for him, learning is all about experiencing things firsthand. "You may read about the United States in a book, but for me, I did not fully learn about the culture until I experienced the country for myself."

Cummins has not only transported Parke thought his career but also on his travels. "My favorite trip was to the Philippines. The environment is so clean there and has original ecology." The trip was a real eye-opener for Parke, after finding out that the engine of the boat he used to travel from one island to another was powered by Cummins. It proved to him that Cummins is providing cleaner power all over the world, even where you would least expect it.

The future is bright

In a milestone achievement for the New Power team in China, Wuhan will be home to the first fuel cell and hydrogen temporary lab, giving the team the opportunity to increase their research and development capabilities in fuel cell technologies. It is a very proud moment for Parke as a project manager on the temporary lab build.

I must say, I think hydrogen has a very bright future here in China. Hydrogen technologies are certainly a big part of the future. 

From creating new technologies and being faced with new challenges to learning the hidden treasures of the world, Parke's passion for learning is what will continue to drive his work and way of life. 


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Lauren Cole (Lauren)

Lauren é especialista em comunicações digitais sênior da Cummins Inc., onde se concentra em mídias sociais, branding de empregador e mídia digital. Lauren ingressou na empresa no início de 2017 e tem Bacharelado em Ciências em Marketing pela Indiana University. She currently resides in Maine with her husband and three dogs.

Anna leva as inovações do segmento de Nova Energias aos mercados de hidrogênio e transporte

Anna Murray

Com mais de oito anos trabalhando no setor de hidrogênio, Anna Murray se envolveu em alguns dos maiores projetos de tecnologias de células de combustível e hidrogênio da Cummins. You may have seen recent announcements about our fuel cell trains across Europe or may have caught wind of our deployment of the largest PEM electrolysis hydrogen facility in the United States, and now our work on the world's largest PEM electrolysis hydrogen facility in Becancour, Quebec. These are just a few of the projects that Anna has helped shape and create.

I like the challenges that come with working in emerging technology. I still self-identify as an engineer first, so working on new technologies keeps me engaged.

O primeiro de seu tipoAnna in workshop

She considers herself quite lucky, since most engineers go through their entire careers without working on a true, first-of-its-kind project, and she has had the privilege of working on several already, with more to come in the future. Through the addition of Hydrogenics to Cummins, the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies business has been on the forefront of leading the hydrogen industry with multiple firsts, and Anna is rightfully proud of her contribution.

Wearing many caps throughout her eight years within the industry, she has also been the project manager for the prototype design of an air-independent fuel cell system and a complete energy system in Raglan, Quebec. But these opportunities didn't come out of nowhere. All her contributions were predicated on years of experience working outside of the hydrogen industry on a variety of off-highway equipment types, including wheel-loaders, tractors, aerial work platforms and even generators.

Joining Cummins through Hydrogenics is like a pleasant merging of past and present experiences in the transportation sector. I am excited by what can be done with hydrogen under such an expansive organization.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

These successes have led her to her current role as a Senior Platform Manager, where she is responsible for all Solid Polymer Electrolysis (SPE) products producing renewable hydrogen. Currently her focus is on bringing to market Cummins' HYLZER 1000 Electrolyzer system, our largest electrolyzer unit to date and the heart of the upcoming Becancour project. The goal is to bring gigawatt-level hydrogen production to market to provide clean energy options for a multitude of industries and help transition our global economy to one based on more sustainable energy solutions.

I am excited to be working on technology with real potential to have a significant impact on our shift to an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy model for the planet. My neice and nephew have existential angst about their future due to climate change, and it gives them (and me!) comfort to know that Auntie Anna is working on it.

Leading from the frontAnna speaking at a conference

These accomplishments haven't been achieved on her own. Anna modestly points out that these have been team contributions and that go beyond just her department. "I often see my team as the entire company. In my role, I work closely with Senior Management, Business Development, Sales, Finance, Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality, Health & Safety, Commissioning and Service. A big part of my job is to make it easier for other people to do theirs." Working across functional units, she makes a point to always understand what individuals are doing and why it is critical to the overall objectives. "I lead from the front. I like to think of myself as a detail-oriented, big picture thinker that strives to continuously move forward." Her role often requires her to take massive (and sometimes seemingly impossible) problems and break them down into manageable tasks that will eventually get her projects successfully to the finish line.

But it's not all work for Anna, who seeks refuge from the world of emerging technology by going back to basics and enjoying some simple pleasures.

To me, living is being at my camp in Northern Ontario. I try to get up there as often as possible since I love being in nature and completely unplugging. I can swim, kayak, climb mountains, hike through the woods, and relax with a book. When you work with technology all the time, it's nice to escape from it completely every once in awhile.

No doubt it is much earned time when she does get away. She has been spending a fair bit of time this summer preparing for upcoming product deliveries. Working through COVID-19 has posed challenges, but she remains diligent in progressing her projects and furthering hydrogen technology and opportunities. More than ever, we're excited to help Anna in continuing to bring big new things to the hydrogen and transportation markets.


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Lauren Cole (Lauren)

Lauren é especialista em comunicações digitais sênior da Cummins Inc., onde se concentra em mídias sociais, branding de empregador e mídia digital. Lauren ingressou na empresa no início de 2017 e tem Bacharelado em Ciências em Marketing pela Indiana University. She currently resides in Maine with her husband and three dogs.

Jaydeep se mantém produtivo no "novo normal" do segmento de novas energias

Although he hasn't been in the Cummins office over the last few months due to COVID-19, Jaydeep Patel has been working hard to adapt to the "new normal" of working from his home office, keeping his projects on track. As the Inverter Technical Project Leader, Jaydeep's role involves leading a small technical team to develop traction inverters and power electronics platform components for battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles. He is responsible for technical project management, technical product development and product launches.

Balancing working at home with two children comes with both Jaydeepchallenges and advantages, and Jaydeep is catching his stride in learning how to manage them. "Prior to COVID-19 we had already started to use Skype and other applications to help manage meetings, which has made this transition a little easier. In many ways, my days have not changed much, I am still on the phone and in front of my computer, but I also have some flexibility when it comes to my kids and being a parent."


Journey to New Power

Joining Cummins in 2012 as a Senior Project Engineer at the Stoughton, Wisconsin facility, Jaydeep led the development of off-highway aftertreatment package design. This role allowed him to learn the new technology and hone his product development skills with the Cummins Value Package Introduction (VPI) process, the process by which the company defines, designs, develops and introduces high quality value packages for customers. This provided him with valuable experience leading him to his current role.

My appetite for learning and contributing to electrified power technologies grew, and it landed me within the New Power team, leading a key project for traction inverter development. Even though it is a start-up environment, it is supported by years of experience with product development and launching to market.

Finding motivationJaydeep

Jaydeep has found Cummins to be very supportive throughout his career journey. 

Cummins has empowered me with resources and tools to be successful in this role. Upper management has always been reachable; their open communication has helped us reach our collective goals. The inclusive environment and teamwork at Cummins has kept me motivated day after day.

He is passionate about making both his projects & teams successful in delivering quality and competitive products. Leading a multi-disciplinary technical team in a matrixed organization has helped Jaydeep gain direct team, indirect team and people management skill sets. He approaches teamwork and projects in a nurturing manner. "Treat your product as your baby" is the mentality he approaches his projects with, and he looks to instill that notion in his colleagues when approaching a job.

Jaydeep looks brightly to the future and is confident that his journey will remain closely tied to his goals. Whether at home or in the office, Jaydeep remains on track.


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Leia a história de Pramod

Lauren Cole (Lauren)

Lauren é especialista em comunicações digitais sênior da Cummins Inc., onde se concentra em mídias sociais, branding de empregador e mídia digital. Lauren ingressou na empresa no início de 2017 e tem Bacharelado em Ciências em Marketing pela Indiana University. She currently resides in Maine with her husband and three dogs.

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