Onan Portable Generators

Gas & LP Portable Generators

Designed to go where you go, Onan portable inverter and dual-fuel generators are efficient and durable. These three versatile and reliable products are backed by our global support network so you'll always have power when and where you need it.

How to choose the size of your portable generator:

Identify the items you need to power and determine the total wattage for all the items you will use.

Choose a generator that powers up to 90% of your needs.

Onan P2500i Portable Generator

Peak Watts:  2500  |  Running Watts:  2200  |  Noise Level:  52 dB

Great for:

  • Small Appliances
  • Tailgating
  • Eletrônicos
  • Camping
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Onan P4500i Portable Generator

Peak Watts:  4500  |  Running Watts:  3700  |  Noise Level:  52 dB

Great for:

  • Medium Appliances
  • Camping
  • RV Use
  • Motor Sports
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Onan 9500 Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Peak Watts:  9500 Gas, 8550 Propane  |  Running Watts:  7500 Gas, 6750 Propane  |  Noise Level:  74 dB

Great for:

  • Large Appliances
  • Food Trucks
  • Home Emergency Backup
  • General Contractor Work
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