Radiator, Heat Exchanger, Silencer, Alternators, Turbochargers

Radiator is one component of Cummins Cooling System is designed to fulfill the mentioned requirements.

  • Essential to dissipate excess heat generated.
  • Protection of Engine
  • Efficient operation of Engine
  • Minimize cooling system noise

Radiator has special top tank design which helps in dearation, venting during initial fill and ensures a positive pressure head on the inlet of Water Pump. Radiator Core are provided with fins around tubes to increase the surface area.

Radiator Cap to maintain positive pressure on system during operation, elevate boiling point and prevention from vacuum to be created when system cools down. Radiator Fan to assist air flow between radiator tubes and engine.

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger used in place of Radiator, it has bundle of round or flat tubes in a housing. Raw water flows through the tubes and engine coolant flows around the tube. Expansion tank is fitted above the heat exchanger and has vent connections and pressure cap. Raw Water pump and cooling tower are required.

Hospital Grade Silencers

Fabricated of aluminized steel as a standard material & coated with high heat resistant aluminum paint. This material has maximum operating temperature of 1250 F

Stamford Brushless Alternators

alternators-product-range.pngOur Product Range

  • P0/1 Series - 15 to 25 kVA
  • UC22 Series - 30 to 82.5 kVA
  • UC27 Series - 100 to 200kVA
  • HC4 Series - 250 to 380 kVA
  • HC5 Series – 500 to 625 kVA
  • HC6 Series – 750 to 1250 kVA
  • P7 series – 1500 to 2250 kVA

Alternator meets BS5000 / IS4722 standards.

  • AVR (voltage regulation +/- 1 %) encapsulated against moisture, sand, salt.
  • Alternators with Class H insulation withstand temperatures up to 125 Deg. C.
  • 2/3 pitch winding to suppress harmonics.
  • Easy installation and maintenance

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