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In February of 2018, a coal mine in Northwest Colorado purchased a Liebherr R 9400 excavator for use at its mining operation. The coal that is unearthed at this site is delivered directly to an adjoining 885 megawatt, coal-fired power station. Mine sites in extreme environments require dependable engines to power their mining applications, which is why this mine called on Cummins to power their Liebherr R 9400 excavator.

Environmental concerns are paramount at this site near the Yampa River. The Liebherr R 9400 mining excavator, which is powered by a Cummins QSK50 engine, was installed and configured by the Cummins distribution team in Colorado. It is the first diesel-powered excavator to comply with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 emissions levels. Output for this engine is conservatively rated at 1,675 horsepower (1,250 kilowatts).

The Colorado mine site produces nearly two million tons of coal per year which means equipment productivity is critical to the operation. The Cummins-powered Liebherr R 9400 mining excavator doesn't just scrape at the top layer with its bucket; it forcefully digs its teeth deep into the most densely-packed soil, using its backhoe configuration to penetrate the surface and achieve maximum bucket fill. Equipped with a 37 cubic yard mining-optimized bucket, the Liebherr R 9400 is the ideal excavator for loading 240-ton mining trucks.

QSK50 Engine + Sales and Service Team Meets and Exceeds Expectations
Superior uptime and productivity are just two of the ways the Cummins QSK50 outworks, outruns, and outperforms other engines in the mining industry. The Cummins SCR Exhaust Aftertreatment system allows the engine to run efficiently and generates low particulate, while increasing fuel efficiency. Advanced combustion technology is applied to the QSK50, allowing the engine to run more efficiently. Coupled with the addition of on-engine improvements to components and filtration, customers can expect a definite increase in overall life to overhaul.

After about a year and a half, the Cummins powered Liebherr 9400 shovel has delivered outstanding results. The shovel has operated 8,147 hours since delivery with excellent availability. The QSK50 engine has provided less fuel burn than projected exceeding the mine's expectations. Cummins' technical specialists are providing world class support to Liebherr and Cummins Sales and Service employees have been swift to address any concerns that come up. The Cummins branch supporting the Colorado mine site is in the process of installing Cummins' PrevenTech software, which will bring our support to the next level. The local support team has been always on to ensure the success of this product. Based on the successful launch of the R 9400 at this coal mine, Liebherr has secured another R9400 shovel for operation at another connected mine site in New Mexico.

Cummins continues to provide customers with the best support and tools for stellar results, and this story is one of many ways we keep our mining customers Always On.  If you would like to learn more about our team of experts, our dependable engines, or our innovative digital solution please visit http://www.cummins.com/mining or contact your local Cummins dealer here.


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