Circumnavigate the globe in a fuel-efficient yacht built like a small ship

Nordhavn 41
“The whisper-quiet genset, proven reliability, ease of maintenance and longevity are prime reasons why Nordhavn’s long range vessels are built standard with Cummins Onan marine generators.”
- Jim Leishman, Vice President & Co-owner, Nordhavn Yachts

Nordhavn 41 fuel-miser boasts a small carbon footprint

The Nordhavn 40 set the world record for a production boat under 70 feet, circumnavigating the globe 20 years ago. More than a stretched version of her famous little sister, the Nordhavn 41 is a full-displacement vessel with entirely new tooling.

With a loyal, almost cult following of fuel-efficient mariners focused on a greener world, Nordhavn's fleet of satisfied customers keep their boat for years. Focused on long passages in a unique, owner-operator explorer niche, yachtsmen usually graduate to bigger Nordhavn enjoying proven value in the brokerage market.

Nordhavn Yachts has delivered over 70 of its 40-foot hulls, setting circumnavigation records for production boats. This evidences their stability, strength, construction, seamanship and performance levels. Nordhavn's structure makes them the most capable, production-line boat crossing the ocean.

Built like small ships with commercial grade systems, Nordhavn yachts navigate the world's ports of call. Their well-appointed and beautiful walnut interior is loaded with creature comforts and amenities. Cruising the big blue while being environmentally greener is Nordhavn's legacy. This full-displacement hull leaves a small, carbon footprint in its wake, by design, focused on efficiency.


Explore your world in a true bluewater boat with accurate fuel consumption

The Nordhavn 41's maximum cruising speed is nine knots. Sea trials show actual fuel burn at eight knots running 2,140 RPM consuming 2.19 gallons per hour. Throttling back to seven knots and 1,880 RPM, Nordhavn 41 gleans every ounce of efficiency. For maximum fuel conservation, it is recommended to run at six knots burning 1.6 gallons per hour for a 3,383 nautical mile range.

Averaging data from her port and starboard engines enables an accurate fuel consumption at speeds not seen for boats of this size making incredible, bluewater passages. With a solid commitment to quality workmanship, materials and components that last, Nordhavn customers receive worldwide service and warranty repair from the Cummins Onan dealer network.

Onan marine generators pair with every engine,” said Jim Leishman, vice president and co-owner of Nordhavn Yachts. “The whisper-quiet genset, proven reliability, ease of maintenance and longevity are prime reasons why Nordhavn’s long range vessels are built standard with Cummins Onan marine generators. It’s a brand people love, especially because of the compact genset package built specifically for a small engine room.”


Ocean certified for safe cruising

Nordhavn prowess as a long-range cruiser is more than a marketing soundbite. This is a true, offshore boat in an affordable package. The Nordhavn 41 is an ocean-certified boat and CE Category A vessel. CE Cat A designation is the European Union's most stringent design standard for recreational crafts under 79 feet. This class certification for unlimited offshore use covers self-sufficient boats designed for extended voyages. Excluding hurricane conditions, this Nordhavn withstands winds over Beaufort Force 8 exceeding 40 knots and significant wave heights above 13 feet.

CE Cat A vessels quantify the boat's degree of seaworthiness, based on the wave height and wind speed the boat is designed to encounter and handle. The farther offshore the vessel is expected to venture, the higher the expectations for construction strength, stability, freeboard, reserve buoyancy, resistance to downflooding, deck drainage and other seaworthiness criteria.

Without sacrificing beam or interior space, the 41 provides full-sized galley appliances. This affords an ergonomically intuitive layout. The full displacement hull loads 10-percent of her empty weight in the keel, providing positive stability like a sailboat that will actually right itself if compromised at sea. Purposefully built with heavy construction, 45,000 pounds of molded fiberglass provides safe cruising in luxury. Attractive, walnut interior and impeccable joinery provides luxury in both one and two cabin stateroom options for a truly, semi-custom long-range cruising yacht.

The Nordhavn 41 is manufactured entirely in the bustling ship and yacht building hub of Istanbul, Turkey. Delivering a superior value with an attractive exchange rate, the highly skilled labor force combines solid engineering and the highest craftsmanship for fine, megayacht quality in every launch.


2021 Nordhavn 41 Specifications

Certification CE Cat A
LOA 41'4"
Beam 13'11"
Max Draft 4'7"
Max Speed 9 K
Cruising Speed 7 K
Displacement 43,000 lbs
Water Capacity 300 USG
Diesel Fuel Capacity 900 USG

Twin Diesel 75-HP BetaMarine 85T

Generators 7-kW Cummins Onan
Construction Fiberglass GRP
Lisa Overing

Lisa Overing

Lisa Overing is a Florida-based marine author contributing articles on yachts, recreational boats, sportfishers and pleasure craft powered by Cummins and Onan products. As an award-winning copywriter and creative director for Megayacht Media, a digital marketing agency serving marine and luxury brands, she reviews the world’s most prestigious superyachts and manages marketing efforts for numerous shipyards, naval architects and marine businesses. Enjoy more of Lisa’s marine articles, ads, brands and websites at; contact her at [email protected] or 954-579-2398.

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