Better. Every Repower Project.

Cummins Sales and Service has extensive experience in completing engine repower projects. A repower project consists of removing the existing engine in a vehicle or piece of equipment and replacing it with either a new or reconditioned Cummins engine. Our experienced staff of territory managers, application engineers and skilled technicians can help you complete a comprehensive repower package that maximizes the life cycle of your equipment while meeting present and future emissions regulations.

Advantages of Getting Your Equipment Repowered include:

  • Broadest range of engine technology available: EPA certified Tier 3 and Tier 4 engines ranging from 30 - 3,500 hp.
  • Full-spectrum Equipment Assessment: Backed by extensive engine repower experience, our staff will work with you to assess your equipment and operation to help determine the most cost-effective approach to repowering your equipment.
  • Funding Program Assistance: Depending on your location and operation, local, state and federal funding/grant programs are often available to offset the costs of repowers. We can help you identify and apply for these programs to reduce the financial impact of emissions compliance.
  • Superior Workmanship: Equipment repowers and retrofit systems are only effective when properly applied, installed and maintained. Our application engineers, technicians and fabricators are known for quality workmanship to ensure top performance and reliable operation.
  • Application and Installation Reviews: Our experience has shown that successful repower projects must include specific engineering reviews. Cummins Sales and Service application engineering group review and sign off on every engine repower project.
  • Backed by Warranty Coverage: Cummins offers extensive warranty coverage available on all engine repower projects.

Cummins Sales and Service has the expertise to repower your vehicle with a new or reconditioned Cummins engine at most of our Service Centers in North America.

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