Emission Retrofits

Better. Diesel Emission Retrofits.

Today's diesel engines are designed to produce up to 90% fewer harmful emissions. But, there are a large number of older engines still in operation emitting hydrocarbons, particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide.

Cummins Emission Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to help you chose the right retrofit aftertreatment technology for the following applications:

  • Autobus szkolny 
  • Autobus miejski
  • Municipal Fleets
  • On-highway Truck
  • Construction Equipment
  • Port Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Fracing Rigs
  • Sprężanie gazu
  • Kolej
  • Workover Rigs

As the world's most experienced provider of diesel emissions control (with over 2.0 million units in operation and 30 years in exhaust product development and manufacturing), Cummins Emission Solutions has the expertise to help you chose the right emissions product for your application based on local air quality laws and regulations. We can also help identify funding and incentive opportunities that apply in your region.

Choosing the Right Retrofit Solutions

To identify the best product to fit your need, your Cummins Sales and Service representative will help you with answers to the following questions:

  • What does Particulate Matter or NOx reduction mean?
  • Is PM or NOx reduction required?
  • What funding sources are available?
  • Is verification (EPA or CARB) required to qualify for funding?
  • What type of fuel is required and available?
  • What is the duty cycle of the engine, and what are the operating temperatures?
  • How old is the engine and to what emissions standard was it built?

Based upon this information, Cummins Sales and Service can make the appropriate product recommendation.

Schedule service online or learn more about Cummins Emission Solutions.

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