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Home Generator Resources

A collection of helpful information to help you learn more about home generators.

Helpful resources when choosing a home generator



  • How much does a home generator cost?

    A whole-house generator is an investment in your comfort and security and can add value to your home. Learn more about the average costs of a home generator installation.

  • Questions about home generators

    A helpful list of frequently-asked questions whether you are just learning more about home generators, or narrowing your choices for a purchase.

  • Find a home generator dealer near you

    Rely on a nearby Cummins authorized dealer to help you throughout the entire process, from sizing to installation and maintenance.

  • Power outage resources

    Power out right now? Helpful tips and information to get you through as well as handy power outage map to see if your outage is widespread.

  • Generator safety

    Always put safety first. Please review this information to help ensure safe operation of your home generator. Remember - never operate a generator indoors or in an enclosed space like a garage or basement.

  • Want to become a Cummins authorized home generator dealer?

    Join our network of qualified dealers helping homeowners enjoy the comfort of whole-house generator power.

How much power should your home generator provide?

Determine your home generator power needs

Use our online home generator sizing calculator to estimate your needs and see matching whole house generators and portable generators suited to your situation.

Calculate your generator size

Request a free consultation

Get expert advice on home generators

Request a free on-site assessment to meet with a local dealer and get their advice on the sizing, placement, and fuel choices for your home generator. A home generator is an important home improvement, and we want you to have the expert guidance to help you.

Request a consultation

Ready to talk to your local dealer?

Use our helpful dealer locator tool to find a Cummins authorized professional near you.

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