Why should you consider Cummins Genuine Parts?

Sometimes it can be hard to see the difference between Genuine Cummins Parts and non-genuine parts. Non-genuine parts may fit a Cummins Product, but they aren’t built or re-manufactured using the same procedures or materials to Cummins exact specifications.

Relying on Genuine Cummins Parts is the best way to ensure the long life of your engine. Here’s why:

less downtime

Cummins has tested over 237 non-genuine components including pistons, rings, valves, cylinder liners, connecting rods and pins, as well as even smaller items such as springs and retaining clips. The results were eye-opening, to say the least. Follow this series as we break down the difference. 

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Many competitive parts manufacturers try to reverse engineer Cummins parts and build something reasonably close at a cheaper price. The problem is, these non-genuine parts usually don’t meet critical specifications either dimensionally or from a materials standpoint.

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Today non-genuine parts suppliers develop parts that they think will fit your Cummins engine. While the initial savings can be enticing, oftentimes there are differences compared to the Genuine Cummins QSK part that you may or may not be able to see with the naked eye. Your genuine part will perform the same or better than the original.

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In a recent study, we compared Genuine Cummins DPFs to will-fit DPFs in vehicles equipped with 2007 ISX15 engines, under real-world operating conditions. The difference in performance was staggering.

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The right Holset turbocharger replacement means less downtime, better power performance and better fuel economy for years to come. We put Holset to the test to prove the risks of will-fit, rebuilt, repaired, or remanufactured turbos. Don't gamble by using non-genuine turbochargers.

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Using non-genuine parts does more than compromise the performance of your high-horsepower engine. It jeopardizes your business and makes it hard to meet customer expectations. Genuine Cummins Parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring financial protection and peace of mind. The amount you save upfront using non‑genuine parts is likely to cost you a lot more further down the road. When your profitability and reputation count on it, use Genuine Cummins Parts to ensure continuous performance in a world that’s Always On. 

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Genuine Cummins ReCon® engines and parts provide you with a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, no-surprise solution that quickly puts your Cummins powered equipment back to work. But don't take our word for it, watch and listen to what happened when one of Malaysia’s main port repowered their fleet of equipment with Cummins ReCon® engines.

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