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There is a difference. There’s no match for Genuine Cummins Parts, which are backed by more than 100 years of engineering experience and significant investments in research, design and testing, to ensure that your operation keeps running in a world that’s Always On

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The risk of using non-genuine

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Competitive part manufacturers may try to reverse engineer Cummins parts and build something that will fit like an original part at a cheaper price. Using non-genuine parts which don't meet critical engineering design specifications can impact:

  • Engine Performance 
  • Fuel Economy 
  • Reliability
  • Durability 
  • Uptime 
  • Warranty 
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Non-genuine put to the test

Cummins Engineers conducted lab analysis and destructive testing on over 300 nongenuine overhaul kit components for Cummins on highway engines, including pistons, piston rings, piston pins, cylinder liners, main bearings, connecting rod bearings, head gaskets and injectors. Of the over 300 non-genuine parts tested, none met all of Cummins Design Specifications.

The genuine difference

0 + non-genuine overhaul kit components tested through lab analysis and destructive testing

0 non-genuine parts met all of Cummins design specifications

0 + years of perfecting the design and manufacturing of Genuine Cummins parts

Heavy-duty applications

Results: ISX heavy-duty parts analysis

To view the results of our lab testing on heavy duty non-genuine parts for the on-highway market, click here to see the brochure.

Review results

Non-genuine part inspection results

Part tested Dimensional testing Material testing
Retaining ring FAILED ADEQUATE
Cylinder liner FAILED FAILED
Connecting rod bearing FAILED FAILED
Main bearing FAILED FAILED
Thrust bearing FAILED FAILED
Cylinder head gasket FAILED FAILED

Of the over 300 non-genuine parts tested, none met all of Cummins Design Specifications, and most failed in both the dimensional and material testing categories. Test results marked as “adequate” marginally met Cummins design intent, indicating that it loosely met some of Cummins design specifications, but not all of them.


Saving a little time upfront could ultimately cost you:

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Early life failure


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Additional fuel cost

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Progressive damage to aftertreatment

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Non-warranty repair cost


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Catastrophic failure




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