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Woodward Toolkit is a service software application that works with L8.9GE5, B6.7G, ISG12G Cummins engines, which use Woodward Control System. This application is to diagnose and troubleshoot engine problems, store and analyze historical information about an engine, and modify an engine's operating parameters. The toolkit also enables professionals to download calibrations to an ECM.

Woodward Toolkit是一款服务软件应用程序,用于服务使用伍德沃德控制系统的L8.9GE5,B6.7G,ISG12G康明斯发动机。此应用程序用于诊断和排除引擎问题,存储和分析引擎的历史信息,并可修改引擎的运行参数。专业人员也可以通过该软件将标定下载到ECM。

Software Downloads

File Name: B6.7 G CMOH6.0 B125.zip (Size: 13 MB)


File Name: ISG12 G CMOH6.0 G111.zip (Size: 13 MB)


File Name: ISL8.9GE5 (Size: 4.5 MB)


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