PrevenTech® Oil and Gas

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PrevenTech Oil and Gas

PrevenTech® Oil and Gas Beta is Cummins’ newest remote engine monitoring and reporting solution. By combining engine hardware, digital technologies and data-driven expert analysis, PrevenTech delivers proactive recommendations that allow customers to increase uptime, enhance productivity and reduce operating expenses.

How PrevenTech Works


Increase Uptime

Proactive alert triggers display exact ID and location of connected equipment enabling site managers to better understand their operational risks. Historical fault data helps identify progressive damage from engine subsystem failures before they cause wider site disruptions and non-pumping time.

Enchance Productivity

Real-time monitoring, a color-coded asset map that organizes notifications by severity, issue descriptions and service recommendations enable more informed maintenance and service planning. Data-based prognostics allows for maximum uptime.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Remote analysis with time-to-act recommendations reduces the reliance on back-up equipment and other redundancies on-site while also decreasing the frequency of costly field service visits to remote locations.

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