License Configuration Tool

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The License Configuration Tool (LCT) is a separate application from INSITE that handles all of the tool licensing for INSITE. Ability to Activate, Repair, Revalidate and Transfer Licenses. The LCT can be launched from inside INSITE through the “Manage License(s)” tab or opened from the Cummins Folder on the start menu.
Note: Insite tool required as a pre-requisite


Software Downloads

This is the latest version of the License Configuration Tool. The below download contains the needed files to run LCT without INSITE being installed.



  • FILE NAME: LCT_1.20.0.22201
  • FILE SIZE: 127.9 MB

After January 2023 LCT will no longer be supported on Windows 8.x OS or lower. 
For LCT to continue to work please upgrade to Windows 10.

This software is not available on mobile. To download for your office or home computer, please return to this page from that device.

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