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INCAL is a DVD set that has a complete list of current ECM calibrations for INSITE.

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Subscription Information
To sign up for an INCAL yearly subscription please contact your local distributor to purchase the appropriate DVD. The standard duration of a INCAL subscription is one year from time of purchase. After one year the subscription status expires, requiring the user to purchase a new subscription to continue receiving the INCAL DVD in the mail.

PC Drive Requirements
INCAL is available on DVD-ROM disks in two disk formats:

  • Single Layer DVD-ROM (4.3GB Capacity)
  • Dual Layer Double Density DVD-ROM (8.3GB Capacity) 

INCAL DVD Part Numbers

  • Full INCAL DVD: 3886398
  • SIR INCAL DVD: 4358618*
  • RMI INCAL DVD: 4358619**

* SIR (Service Information Regulation): Beginning with the EPA 2013 engine launches, the SIR requires that Cummins Inc. provide the applicable INSITE calibrations to interested parties not affiliated with the Cummins Authorized service channel. The INCAL DVD contains all the MidRange and Heavy-Duty calibrations for EPA 2013 and beyond automotive applications.

** RMI (Repair and Maintenance Information): For heavy duty vehicles, such as buses or trucks, RMI provisions were introduced by co-decision Regulation 595/2009 (Euro VI), the implementing measures were introduced in 64/2012 which requires that Cummins Inc provide the applicable INSITE calibrations to interested parties not affiliated with the Cummins Authorised service channel. The INCAL DVD contains all the MidRange and Heavy-Duty calibrations for Euro VI and beyond automotive applications.


INCAL DVD Lifespan
INCAL DVDs are only valid for seven months from date of release. Calibrations are updated on a regular basis, and newer INCAL DVDs should be used to ensure you have the latest and most accurate calibrations.


DVD Shipping Frequency
   Full INCAL DVD  

  • Release Cycle Months: February, April, June, August, October, December
  • Shipping Locations: Global


  • Release Cycle Months: March, June, September, December
  • Shipping Locations: North America Only

Current version available: OCTOBER 2021 (The INCAL downloads are updated every 2 months)

Changes in Calibrations

New engine control module (ECM) calibration codes, using industry standard encryption, have been released for all electronically controlled engine products. These ECM calibration codes are only supported in Cummins INSITE™ electronic service tool version 8.7.0 and newer. If users do not upgrade, users will not be able to use any calibrations on these INCAL DVDs or downloaded through QuickServe Online (QSOL) or Cal over web. Any previous INCAL DVDs are still supported during the existing expiration dates.

INCAL DVD Cover Letter and DVD Details located HERE

DOWNLOAD   Disk 1 ZIP size: 5.9 GB

DOWNLOAD   Disk 2 ZIP size: 7.2 GB

DOWNLOAD   Disk 3 ZIP size: 3.9 GB

DOWNLOAD   Disk 4 ZIP size: 6.9 GB

DOWNLOAD   Disk 5 ZIP size: 7.3 GB

DOWNLOAD   Disk 6 ZIP size: 7.2 GB 2.3 MB Database expires 01-Feb-2022 1.2 MB Database expires 01-Feb-2022 166 KB Database expires 01-Feb-2022 724 KB Database expires 01-Feb-2022 57.3 KB Database expires 01-Feb-2022 742 KB Database expires 01-Feb-2022 259 KB Database expires 01-Feb-2022 2.5MB Database expires 01-Feb-2022 65.9 KB Database expires 01-Feb-2022

2 Zip Files - June 2021 (compatible with 8.7.0 and greater)

1 Zip File - June 2021 (compatible with 8.7.0 and greater)

If your vehicle has an OEM engine installed from Case New Holland (CNH), the calibration files are NOT available from Quickserve Online (QSOL). Please check the following text file for the calibration files. If they are listed, you will need to use the version of Insite bundled with the CNH Electronic Service Tool (EST). If you are not a CNH dealer, consult your nearest CNH dealer.  Click Here for Calibration Details

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