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There’s something to be said about longevity. For owners of Cummins engines with a million miles or more, that message is “Welcome to the club.” The…
Company Spotlight
Clessie Cummins, founder of Cummins Inc. Cummins Engine Co. was founded on Feb 3rd, 1919, with William G. Irwin, a banker, supplying the starting…
Note: We will continue updating this page with additional news and information as it becomes available. Updated March 20, 2020 Customers, Our…
Our Innovation, Technology and Services
The Selçuker Center is a mixed-use development in the city of Selçuklu, Turkey, one of the central districts of Konya Province. With a total area of…
People and Places
You could say Arvin Moradi's journey to Cummins is about as far from typical as you can get. And it's not just because he traveled over 6,000 miles…
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