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New Cummins strategy to address climate change, conserve natural resources

Community Engagement

4 ways Cummins Powers Women is making a difference in the world


Clessie Cummins' grandson hits 300,000 miles on cross-country drive

Parts and Service
“Check with each other more often, call or text them; and also remind each other to be careful,” suggests Richard Evelyn, a 24-year veteran Cummins…
Parts and Service
Cummins Care has developed a strategy to support customer inquiries different from the norm. This new human-centered design incorporates the…
Parts and Service
Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) reintroduced its QTR Series Transmision, the first purpose built transmission for the well servicing market, at the Offshore…
Parts and Service
Quality craftsmanship and unmatched service lie at the heart of every Cummins engine. Over the course of many miles and countless hours, though, you’…
Parts and Service
With the addition of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to Cummins diesel engines for a wide range of vehicles built in 2010 or newer, we’ve…
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