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New Cummins strategy to address climate change, conserve natural resources

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4 ways Cummins Powers Women is making a difference in the world


Clessie Cummins' grandson hits 300,000 miles on cross-country drive

Just a portion of the natural disasters Americans went through in 2019, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Many of us…
Hydrogen Technologies
In the race to develop more sustainable and renewable energy sources, hydrogen has re-emerged as a potential key solution in the transition to zero-…
Corporate Responsibility
In line with the company’s continued commitment to building more prosperous communities, the Cummins Foundation recently issued a grant to the…
Hydrogen Technologies
Garbage is not a topic that many of us think about on a regular basis. Waste as an industry, when done correctly, gets little fanfare. However, the…
Hydrogen Technologies
Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI), a global technology and power solutions leader, today announced an agreement to form a joint venture with NPROXX, a leader…
Growing up, Olivia was encouraged to take interest in the stereotypical girl hobbies and toys like ballet, cheerleading, and dolls. It wasn't so much…
Our world today is in an age of unprecedented change, one where protecting our environment is a global concern, and fuel cell and hydrogen…
People and Places
The following originally appeared in the June 19, 2020 edition of The Indianapolis Recorder. It was authored by Sharon Barner, Vice President and…
People and Places
Imlay had been thinking and praying for guidance to make an impact in her home community of Columbus, Indiana, and help her former colleagues at…
People and Places
The Cummins Sales and Service Kamloops branch recently sponsored truck driver meals from a local food truck, Cookshack Cravings, as part of the Meals…
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