Diesel engine technology, new gas genset to headline Cummins display at AIMEX

Sydney, Australia

Cummins will feature its QSK60 MCRS ‘Advantage’ engine at AIMEX (Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition, August 27-29, Sydney), highlighting the lower life cycle costs that are being achieved with this latest technology 60-litre V16 platform.

Close to 200 ‘Advantage’ engines are in now service across Australia’s mining regions, powering 2,500 hp haul trucks. 

The high-pressure Modular Common Rail Fuel System (MCRS) that features on the QSK60 is a key element of the technology roadmap for mining companies as they strive to increase productivity while reducing operating and maintenance costs through lower fuel consumption, longer life-to-overhaul and longer service intervals. 

Cummins QSK 60 Advantage
Cummins QSK60 'Advantage'

The ‘Advantage’ engine also features a massive reduction in diesel particulate emissions of 63% compared with the earlier QSK60. This means less soot loading in the oil, less visible smoke, and reduced particulate exposure.

At the other end of the horsepower scale, Cummins will display a 3 hp, single-cylinder 1922 engine to highlight the company’s 100th anniversary. This rare diesel engine was one of the first built by Clessie Cummins in Columbus, Indiana – the launch pad for a company that has become a global technology leader.

Technology is the focus of another product that Cummins will preview at AIMEX – the completely new HSK78G gas generator set which is aimed specifically at the mining industry. With a power density of 2 MW from the new Cummins 78-litre, V12 gas engine, the HSK78G provides high electrical efficiency up to 44.2 percent on a wide range of pipeline natural gas down to 70 methane number (MN) without impacting power and efficiency output. 

Cummins HSK78
Cummins HSK78G

In fact, the new genset has been designed to provide reliable power, regardless of the natural gas source or the environment, including extreme heat up to 55 degrees Celsius and extreme altitudes.  In its class, the HSK78G also has the industry’s longest major overhaul service cycle of 80,000 hours.

Visitors to the Cummins display can step inside the HSK78G Experience Pod room and go through a journey of different extreme and urban environments, from blistering hot deserts to cityscape settings, to understand the full capabilities of the HSK78G series. An interactive touchscreen will be displayed, allowing visitors to explore the complete HSK78G generator model in 360° mode and learn more about its key technical features.

Cummins will also be displaying the KTA19GC gas engine for various mining applications such as powering underground coal mine ventilation systems. With ratings up to 420 hp at 1800 rpm, this 19-litre natural gas engine shares the proven heritage of Cummins’ K-series diesel engines.

About Cummins Inc.

Cummins Inc. is a global technology company designing, manufacturing, distributing and servicing a broad portfolio of reliable, clean power solutions; including diesel, natural gas, hybrid, electric and other alternative solutions. Established in 1919 and headquartered in Columbus, Indiana (U.S.), Cummins serves customers in more than 190 countries and territories around the world. More information can be found at https://www.cummins.com/always-on.

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