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Minneapolis, MN

Cummins is showcasing its latest and most well-known Rail portfolio at Railway Interchange (RSI) 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from September 22-25.

For over 100 years, Cummins has brought innovation, reliability, and performance to customers around the world. Cummins has been a leader in the rail business for years and is known for its legacy of reliability and commitment to innovation. Our knowledge and product portfolio can help keep your rail equipment on at all times. 

Press release: Cummins to showcase technology that transforms at Railway Interchange 2019


Below is a preview of what you can see at this year’s show. 


For locomotive builders looking for a new-power approach to achieve cleaner, more efficient performance, the QSK95 is the engine of choice to deliver radically improved power capability for both freight and passenger operations. With over 4400-hp (3281 kW) output from 16 cylinders, the QSK95 surpasses other high-speed engines. In terms of emissions capability and compact installation, the QSK95 is way ahead of much larger medium-speed engines with a similar output.


BP74E is an energy dense, light weight battery pack, which launched into production in 2019. BP74E can be used as a standalone component or connected in parallel and used in our range of multipack power systems. Cummins’ proprietary BMS is the brains of the pack. It ensures safety by continuously monitoring and controlling key parameters, as and when required.

QSB6.7 Track Pack

The QSB6.7 is one of the most popular and versatile engines ever built by Cummins, which makes it a great addition to the Rail engine catalogue. While other manufacturers outsource their emissions aftertreatment systems, Cummins manufactures our own. The QSB6.7 engine is a quiet operation, including an 80-percent reduction in noise at idle, is one of the many benefits from the common-rail fuel system. The enhanced sociability from the high-pressure common-rail design virtually eliminates smoke and improves experience

PrevenTech for Rail

PrevenTech for rail is a new digital solution that provides remote engine monitoring and reporting of equipment health. First launch for the beta product for Rail brochure and product interactive will be available at the stand. PrevenTech utilizes an aftermarket device that is installed by Cummins on customer equipment to transmit encrypted engine data in real-time using cellular connectivity. Data is digitally analyzed to evaluate performance and report potential issues back to customers using alert notifications with service recommendations.


The legendary and historical HVID will also be on display at RSI 2019. The HVID was designed by engineer Rasmus HVID. It was first seen by Clessie Cummins and known as the best engine available for a small kerosene burning engine. The engine was available in 1.5, 3, 6 and 8-hp versions. It was used for agricultural pumps, grinding, sawing, electrical generation and other stationary power requirements.  


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