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Munich, Germany

Transforming your future

Our wide range of products and services are generating your power, moving your equipment as well as managing and maintaining your valuable assets. Cummins power is delivering reliable, efficient operation with optimised uptime for excavators, dump trucks, mobile lighting and more.

As a global power leader, Cummins expertise is demonstrated across multiple product platforms including ultra clean diesel, natural gas, hybrid, full electric and fuel cell technologies as well as through in-house components expertise. All products are designed and manufactured by Cummins and fully integrated for optimal performance and the lowest total cost of ownership.

At this year’s show, Cummins celebrates 100 years of innovation and visitors can see where it all started with the company’s first engine – the HVID, displayed alongside our latest power solutions. 

Our centenary theme ‘challenge the impossible’ reflects the spirit of our founder Clessie Cummins and showcases how the company has proven its dependability by continuing to develop market leading products for its global customers. 

Here’s a preview of what you can see at this year’s show:

Electric mini excavator prototype
The 3.4-ton electric excavator is powered by eight BM4.4E flexible battery modules providing total energy of 35 kWh. Mounted near the base of the excavator, the Cummins-designed and built battery modules use Li-ion technology to achieve higher energy density alongside proprietary control technology which maintains battery state-of-charge for a longer zero emission range. 

Cummins Stage V clean diesel technology for construction
Cummins Stage V engines do more with less. For operators they deliver higher performance, more machine capability and lower total cost of ownership. For equipment manufacturers, the removal of EGR from the F3.8 to L9 range reduces installation complexity and space claim.
Cummins Stage V clean diesel technology for mining and quarrying 
As a market leader in design, manufacture and service of engines for mining and quarrying applications, Cummins has almost a century of product expertise.  In fact, more than 28,000 Cummins engines are active in mining operations around the globe in everything from excavators, drills and haul trucks to generators and underground mining equipment. 

Cummins Stage V G-Drive engines
Launching at Bauma 2019, Cummins’ fixed speed Stage V G-Drive engines provide the benefits seen with variable speed Stage V engines of higher power density and reduced complexity, alongside further optimisation for generator set use. This means GOEMs and their customers benefit from complete reliability, more performance and a significant size and weight reduction with our new Single Module™ aftertreatment. 

Electrified power
As a global power leader, Cummins can provide fully electrified power solutions, as well as some of the most critical components that have the largest impact on performance, quality and capability to deliver the most value to our customers. 
Battery technology

Cummins designs, builds and supports battery technology and our cutting edge, super lightweight battery packs form an integral part of our electrified power product range. Fully optimized for our Hybrid Power Plug-In system, Cummins BPcE is a compact, energy dense, scalable battery designed to enable installation in a range of applications. 

Hybrid Power Plug In system with BPcE battery pack
Cummins Hybrid Power Plug In system combines BPcE battery power with a 4-cylinder Stage V F3.8 engine and compact generator. The generator uses a high-efficiency traction motor which provides continuous torque, eliminating the need for gear shifting and dramatically reducing powertrain noise. An instant peak torque boost is available when the machine hits difficult working conditions.

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Can’t wait until the show to see Cummins products in action?  Check out these videos of Cummins Stage V powered construction equipment.





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