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Port Hercules, Monaco

Discover how Cummins is powering a world that is Always ON at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. 

Cummins Marine offer a complete line of propulsion and auxiliary engines starting with the QSB6.7 right through to QSK95. All are designed specifically for recreational marine applications. Included in this range is the Cummins QSK60 & QSK95 marine engines designed to provide reliable power and superbly engineered to ensure your life on the water is as carefree and comfortable as life on land.  

The Cummins QSK60, the first Cummins engines to receive IMO III certification. The QSK60 is available for a wide range of marine applications including luxury yachts. The power rating for the QSK60 is from 783 kW (1050 hp) to 2013 kW (2700 hp). 

The newest and most powerful Cummins engine for the marine market offering a power output previously exclusive to medium-speed marine engines with power ratings from 2386 kW (3200 hp) to 3132 kW (4200 hp) for propulsion, auxiliary, generator and diesel electric applications. The QSK95 brings the advantage of a lower capital cost, a more compact installation and exceptional fuel efficiency when compared to other engines in this class.

Customized Marine Generator Sets
Cummins is able to offer customers customised marine generator set packages built with any Cummins auxiliary marine engine. Our marine experts work closely with our partner suppliers and customers, starting from the vessel concept and continuing through installation, testing and commissioning, to guarantee a product perfectly matched to vessel design, operating conditions and local content requirements. The Cummins QSK60 & QSK95 marine engines are two of the engines that could be used to create a customised marine generator set package that includes:

  • Cummins Auxiliary Engine - 6 to 95 litre
  • Customer's choice of engine monitoring system
  • Customer's choice of control system
  • Customer's choice of alternator including Stamford and AVK alternators

Talk to our experts about powering your superyacht with our marine engines that are designed and engineered to exceed expectations. 

Find us in the Darse Sud tent, stand QS67.

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