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Turkey Izmir

Cummins will introduce an electric system for city bus, shuttle and intercity applications at the BUSWORLD Izmir show, configurable for either a full battery electric vehicle (BEV) or a  range extended electric vehicle (REEV) incorporating an engine-generator to combine energy deliver with the battery pack. The new system is standardized on a new Cummins 74-kWh battery pack with more space-efficient packaging, enabling easier bus integration with a modular format expandable to eight batteries with up to 385 km operating range  on a single charge.  

The Cummins-built batteries utilize Li-ion technology to achieve a higher energy density and proprietary control technology to maintain the battery state-of-charge to enable a longer zero-emissions bus range. A high-efficiency traction motor provides direct drive with continuous, gearless acceleration and quiet operation. Operational flexibility is provided with an integral plug-in connection for overnight or route end charging, as well as options for on-route opportunity charging where a pantograph or charge plate infrastructure is available.               

The introduction of the new electric system fully complements Cummins Euro VI clean diesel, natural gas and conventional hybrid products to offer the most energy diverse power portfolio in the industry, able to meet intensive bus duty-cycles on the most environmentally appropriate basis.  The Cummins display at BUSWORLD will extend from the compact F3.8 at 115 kW up to the high-output L9 with 298 kW output, together with the L9N natural gas version. The line-up includes the market leading B4.5 and B6.7 clean diesels featuring Cummins unique Stop/Start capability, offering up to 8% fuel saving.  

For more information, stop by Stand B17 during Busworld Izmir or visit our show page at https://www.cumminseurope.com/tr/busworldturkiye

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