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Cummins TEC opens second training program in Nigeria 

Businesses around the world are experiencing a shortage of technical workers, and since 2012 Cummins has been committed to combatting the challenge by training low-income youth in employable technical skills through the company’s Technical Education in Communities (TEC) program. 
Ten years after the program’s launch, Cummins, through its Nigerian subsidiary Cummins West Africa Ltd., has launched the second phase of its TEC training program in Nigeria, furthering Cummins’ impact on education in global communities. 
Joining the country’s first TEC location in Lagos, the John Bosco Institute of Technology (JOBITECH), in Obosi, Anambra State, was selected by Cummins to partner in its efforts of providing world class learning environments for students to access quality technical education. 

Memorable launch event

At the launch event held earlier this year, officials from Cummins, JOBITECH, and the business community, along with enthusiastic students, gathered to commemorate the special occasion. 
“In an era where young people are unskilled, it is very possible to have a future generation despondent with a penchant for a life of frivolity,” said Thierry Pimi, Vice President and Managing Director, Cummins Africa-Middle East Area Business Organization. “In a bid to ensure we grow a meaningful future generation, we need to invest using a market relevant curriculum to equip our youth with employable skills and capability to find employment or run their own businesses in the engineering space.” 
With education as a strategic priority of Cummins’ Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Cummins TEC was introduced in 2012 and has since expanded to 27 locations globally. Its mission is to train disadvantaged youth in technical skills to connect them to good jobs in their communities and industry at large. To date, the program has achieved an 83 percent graduation rate with more than 2,000 graduates globally. Approximately 72 percent of graduates gained employment within six months. 
“Giving back is who we are! When we go into a society or community to do business, it is not about taking, we seek opportunities to empower and enrich the people within that community,” said Okechi Igwebuike, Managing Director, Cummins West Africa Ltd., reiterating Cummins’ commitment to caring. He further mentioned that “no one can say they did it alone” re-emphasizing collaboration and partnership as the core driver of sustainable impact of the TEC program across the globe. 
Cummins’ TEC program equips post-secondary technical institutions with the capacity to deliver quality technical education in partnership with government, industry, and not-for-profit organizations. Offering a market-relevant curriculum, tools and equipment, teacher training, career guidance, internship and work placement, Cummins TEC increases the availability of multi-skilled technicians, improves access to good jobs, and ultimately drives industrial growth in communities, with a key focus on increasing female representation in technical fields. 
Ifeyinwa Alex-Anene, TEC Project Manager, Cummins West Africa Ltd., referenced the project as a transformational experience that completely changes the trajectory of students who come into the program seeking a better future.   
During the launch, representatives from the institute and business community extended their appreciation to Cummins for its partnership with JOBITECH and challenged industries in the region to invest in such ventures that will have a positive long-term effect on society. 

Thierry Pimi speaking at event
Thierry Pimi, VP & Managing Director, Africa-Middle East ABO

Appreciating the educational opportunities 

A scholarship beneficiary of JOBITECH, Anastasia Ukamaka, shared her thoughts about the value of the program and emphasized the urgent need for more females from the community to have access to such opportunities. “Cummins TEC has provided me with an invaluable technical skillset,” said Ukamaka. “I am looking forward to being able to make an impact with what I have learned, and I look forward to more women having a similar opportunity to enhance their technical knowledge.” 
A video scorecard of Cummins TEC in Lagos was shared, featuring recent graduates who have successfully transitioned into highly-skilled technician roles in various industries, including Cummins West Africa Ltd. 
Guests had the opportunity to witness the official commissioning of the newly refurbished mechanical and electrical workshops. And, as part of its support to the school, Cummins West Africa Ltd. donated tools, equipment, and several of Cummins 3.8L engines, backed by ongoing teacher training and development. 
The launch program was anchored by Mark Oni-Okeke, General Manager, Power Generation, Cummins West Africa Ltd., who also expressed gratitude to Cummins. “TEC is one of the many examples of how Cummins is dedicated to giving back to communities. The company has even created a platform where every employee can contribute at least four hours, during workdays, each year to community development initiatives around the world.” 
If you or others you know have a passion for technology and want to be part of an organization that values corporate social responsibility, learn more about Cummins and check out our careers site

TEC students
TEC students
Tamra Knudsen smiling

Tamra Knudsen

Tamra Knudsen is a Brand Journalist for Cummins with extensive experience in the Capital Goods sector, serving over 20 years in various corporate communications roles. She began her career in accounting, moving into numerous positions within finance, marketing and administration, until she discovered her niche in the field of communications. Her passion is to create transparent and meaningful content that educates, informs and engages readers on a variety of topics for both external and internal audiences. 

Tamra graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Parkside, with a BS in Business Administration and Management.

A Cummins concept hydrogen fuel cell truck,

Cummins Inc. has been named to the prestigious S&P Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for a second consecutive year, scoring in the 98th percentile in the 2022 review.

The global power leader joined 34 other companies from 19 different countries receiving the honor Dec. 9 in the capital goods sector. The company was also named to the S&P Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index for a 16th consecutive year.

“It is very gratifying to have our efforts in the areas of the environment, social and governance recognized and to know that investors believe they are important elements of Cummins’ story,” said Karen Cecil, the company's Director of Global Environmental Sustainability. “These efforts are part of Cummins’ core values and mission to power a more prosperous world.

“I’m especially proud of the 60,000 employees who work every day to envision what’s possible and identify sustainable solutions to go further, faster,” Cecil added. 


S&P Global, the world’s largest market index provider, says a record 1,728 companies eligible for selection into one of S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes participated in the review in 2022, an increase of 9% over 2021. The initiative reviewed an estimated 13.4 million data points to arrive at its 2022 indexes.

S&P Dow Jones official logo“Last year, more companies than ever participated in S&P Global’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA),” said President and CEO Douglas Peterson in a report accompanying the release of the indexes. “The CSA forms the backbone of the research on which this report is based. We thank the companies that participated in this process, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to transparency about their ESG performance.”

Unlike ESG datasets that rely only on publicly available information, S&P Dow Jones says its review is based on a combination of company disclosures via an exhaustive survey as well as media coverage of the companies reviewed and stakeholder analysis. 

The world sustainability index was first launched in 1999, making it one of the oldest sustainability/ESG (environmental, social and governance) rankings.

Cummins last made the S&P Dow Jones world sustainability index in 2013 before returning to the list in 2021 and now 2022. The company is committed to playing a leadership role on the global effort to reduce carbon emissions while also initiating programs to promote gender equity around the world and address institutional racism in the United States.

The rating from S&P Dow Jones follows an upgrade last month to AAA, the highest rating possible, in Cummins’ MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) ESG ratings. Earlier in the year, the company received a 2022 gold medal for sustainability achievement from EcoVadis, a leading provider of business sustainability ratings, and a “Low Risk” ESG Risk Rating from Sustainalytics, a global leader in ESG research and data. 


In another sustainability related ranking released over the weekend, Cummins tied with the American Express Co. for No. 63  in The Wall Street Journal’s 2022 Management Top 250 ranking. Cummins improved 16 places from the company’s No. 79 ranking in 2021. 

The ranking evaluates America’s largest publicly traded companies in five key areas – customer satisfaction, employee engagement and development, innovation, social responsibility, and financial strength – to come up with an effectiveness score. 

The ranking is prepared for the newspaper by The Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University. It is based on the principles of Peter F. Drucker (1909-2005), a management consultant, educator and author, who wrote a monthly column at The Wall Street Journal for some two decades.

blair claflin director of sustainability communications

Blair Claflin

Blair Claflin is the Director of Sustainability Communications for Cummins Inc. Blair joined the Company in 2008 as the Diversity Communications Director. Blair comes from a newspaper background. He worked previously for the Indianapolis Star (2002-2008) and for the Des Moines Register (1997-2002) prior to that. [email protected]


Cummins employees at the Columbus Engine Plant unload waste paint at a community recycling day at the plant earlier this year.

Cummins Inc. is ending the final quarter of the year with a flurry of awards and recognition for the company’s work on sustainability and ESG excellence.

The global power technology leader, for example, recently saw its ESG Rating from MSCI upgraded from AA a year ago to AAA last month, the highest rating possible. MSCI stands for Morgan Stanley Capital International. The firm is a leading provider of support tools and services for the investment community.

MSCI said the upgrade was driven by the presence of new members on the Board of Directors, strong workforce management and health and safety programs, as well as efforts to reduce waste and emissions at plants and facilities.

The MSCI ratings upgrade followed other strong ratings for environmental, social and governance excellence earlier in 2022, including a gold medal for sustainability achievement from EcoVadis, a leading provider of business sustainability ratings, and a “Low Risk” ESG Risk Rating from Sustainalytics, a global leader in ESG research and data. 


Also in November, Cummins received the Frost & Sullivan Institute’s Enlightened Growth Leadership Best Practices Award for its work on climate action and other sustainability issues.

The award goes to companies at the forefront of “Innovation to Zero,” a phrase first coined by Bill Gates to describe innovation to achieve zero emissions. The institute says it recognizes companies “moving the world in the right direction.”

“We identify companies that demonstrate the commitment to embrace emerging technologies and protocols and generate opportunities for all while sustaining continued growth and highlighting best practices for sustainable development,” said David Frigstad, Chairman, Frost & Sullivan and the Frost & Sullivan Institute.

Frost & Sullivan is a leading global market research company, offering growth strategy consulting and corporate training. The award was announced Nov. 11. This is the second consecutive year Cummins has received the award.

“With a mission to build a more prosperous world with cleaner air, adequate water supplies, less waste and reduced levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases, Cummins Inc. strives toward sustainability goals through outstanding initiatives to promote greater social and environmental responsibility,” the institute said in announcing the award.


In October, the company was named to Investor’s Business Daily’s fourth annual 100 Best ESG Companies list for 2022. 

Cummins finished No. 27 in the 2022 rating, which was based on the company’s environmental, social and governance score from the S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Indices along with a review of publicly available data and media coverage of each company.

“In the rough and tumble stock market of 2022, the top companies on our list stand strong,” the publication said in announcing its list Oct. 24. “They maintained their commitment to ESG in a punishing economic environment, and still delivered notable financial performance when compared to other companies.”

Cummins is committed to playing a leadership role on the global effort to reduce carbon emissions while also initiating programs to promote gender equity around the world and address institutional racism in the United States.

blair claflin director of sustainability communications

Blair Claflin

Blair Claflin is the Director of Sustainability Communications for Cummins Inc. Blair joined the Company in 2008 as the Diversity Communications Director. Blair comes from a newspaper background. He worked previously for the Indianapolis Star (2002-2008) and for the Des Moines Register (1997-2002) prior to that. [email protected]


banner that says IPwD

This article originally authored by Mark Smith, Cummins Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Mahesh Narang, Vice President, President Components, and posted internally on December 1, 2022 for employees to recognize International Week of People with Disabilities. 

Inclusion. Innovation. Impact. These are among the outcomes Cummins’ Disability Inclusion Initiative drives as we strive to power accessible, equitable and inclusive workplaces and communities where people with disabilities are enabled to achieve their potential. In observance of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we take time to reflect on the barriers that prevent nearly 1 billion people in the world from full and effective participation in society, particularly when it comes to employment. Let’s explore how Inclusion, Innovation and Impact at Cummins are helping to break down these barriers. 


An inclusive work environment is one where all employees are valued, belong, contribute and succeed.  One of the ways we help to create an inclusive environment for our employees with disabilities and their allies is through our Disability Inclusion Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Another way of contributing to inclusivity in the workplace is by learning more about disability and how to be a better ally for people with disabilities. We are excited to introduce a new Disability Fundamentals online training that complements our Disability Inclusion Employee Awareness Guide and adds to our portfolio of disability learning resources.   


There are two ways to think about innovation. The first is how proportionate representation of people with disabilities in our workforce helps us to be a more innovative company. By harnessing the diverse perspectives, skills and experiences from all of our employees, we provide superior solutions to our customers and drive innovative engineering, best-in-class quality, manufacturing efficiencies, world-class sales and services and more. The second way to think about innovation is how technology removes barriers for people with disabilities, enabling them to fully apply their diverse perspectives, skills and experiences. Our portfolio of accessible technology solutions like Dragon Pro speech-to-text, Zoom Fusion magnifier/reader and AccessiBe break down obstacles preventing interaction with, or access to websites, digital tools and technologies for people with disabilities.   


While much remains to be done, from dismantling the negative bias and outdated stereotypes associated with disability that are still held by some, to increasing the representation of people with disabilities at Cummins, we are proud of our progress which is marked by these achievements:   

  • Excellent leadership engagement, from sponsoring ERGs to championing hiring initiatives 
  • A vibrant ERG network comprised of seven regional chapters 
  • Consistently generous Corporate Responsibility grants and employee EEEC hours  
    • Over $1.4M in grants 
    • 2,948 employees volunteered over 12,000 hours to 173 different projects 
  • Improved facilities' accessibility and an expanded portfolio of accessible technology solutions 
  • Regular communications that are increasing awareness and understanding of disability 
  • A growing library of training and resources 
  • Invited to join the [email protected] Roundtable 
  • For the second year in a row, we scored 100% on the Disability Equality Index and earned recognition as a Best Employer for Disability 

 We would like to express our sincere gratitude to every employee that has been involved in helping us toward fulfilling our vision “to make Cummins an employer of choice for individuals with disabilities and to eliminate employment barriers within our communities”. Thank you.  


Mark Smith                         

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer              

Executive Sponsor, Disability Inclusion Initiative 


Mahesh Narang 

Vice President, President Components 

Executive Sponsor Disability Inclusion ERG and GILC Chair 

Cummins Office Building

Cummins Inc.

Cummins, a global power technology leader, is a corporation of complementary business segments that design, manufacture, distribute and service a broad portfolio of power solutions. The company’s products range from internal combustion, electric and hybrid integrated power solutions and components including filtration, aftertreatment, turbochargers, fuel systems, controls systems, air handling systems, automated transmissions, electric power generation systems, microgrid controls, batteries, electrolyzers and fuel cell products.

The Nature Conservancy’s Seth Blitch discusses the oyster reef project with Mary Chandler, Vice President – Community Relations and Corporate Responsibility, and Zach Gillen, General Manager -- Sales & Service North America.

Corporate Responsibility Director Travis Meek was aware of oysters’ amazing ability to filter out pollutants when he visited a company-supported oyster reef project in Louisiana earlier this month.

Meek says until he saw it first-hand, however, he didn’t fully appreciate the other environmental benefits from The Nature Conservancy’s three-mile oyster reef restoration project underway along the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge in Calcasieu Lake.

"I wasn’t as well informed about the benefits they provide with respect to controlling erosion along the coast,” said Meek, who oversees Cummins Water Works and visited the project along with six other Cummins leaders Nov. 3.

“Louisiana is losing shoreline at a rate of 75 square kilometers per year, which is faster than anywhere on earth,” he said. “While the reefs are only one of many needed solutions, they significantly slow the rate of erosion where they’ve been built.”

Leaders wade to see the restoration project up close
Cummins leaders wade into Calcasieu Lake to see the oyster reef restoration project up close. 


Cummins Water Works is the company initiative to address the global water crisis by partnering with leading water experts and investing and engaging in sustainable, large scale, high impact water projects. Earlier this year, Cummins Water Works announced a $3 million, multi-year grant to The Nature Conservancy to restore water resources in the Mississippi River Basin in the United States.

The Nature Conservancy’s effort is focused both on the upper and lower reaches of the basin. The Wabash River watershed, which includes Cummins’ headquarters in Columbus, Indiana, is the single largest contributor of excess nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous from fertilizer to the Mississippi River Basin.

These excess nutrients not only pollute drinking water systems in the Midwest, but also contribute to an extensive dead zone, roughly the size of Massachusetts, in the Gulf of Mexico along the Louisiana-Texas coastline. The pollutants choke marine life, jeopardize the region’s fisheries and hamper recreation and tourism. 

The project is working with farmers in the Midwest on the benefits of adopting more sustainable farming practices like cover crops during the winter and no-till farming to reduce the runoff of excess nutrients. A team of Cummins employees recently worked with The Nature Conservancy to reintroduce mussels in parts of the upper watershed to clean and filter water before it reaches the gulf.


Oyster reefs do much the same thing, serving as one of nature’s most efficient filtration systems, according to Seth Blitch, The Nature Conservancy’s Conservation Director in Louisiana. Blitch led the Cummins’ team on their tour of the project.

He said a healthy, one-acre reef can filter approximately 24 million gallons of water each day. Oyster reefs can also serve as natural buffers against rising sea levels from climate change as well as storm events.

The reefs form living shorelines that protect the adjacent coastal wetlands by dampening wave energy that would otherwise cause erosion. They also provide a critical habitat for marine life, contributing to the economic success of fisheries in the gulf.

The Nature Conservancy has so far restored over seven miles of oyster reefs, establishing an impressive coalition behind the work, which started in 2010. Supporters include the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, adjacent landowners and private donors and corporations contributing money to the effort.

Phase III of the project, which extends the reef for about a mile, was constructed in July and August. Blitch said The Nature Conservancy was able to significantly expand the scope of its original plan with Cummins’ support.


Cummins’ leaders making the trip included Vice Chairman Tony Satterthwaite and Mary Chandler, Vice President – Community Relations and Corporate Responsibility. After a short boat ride, the leaders put on waders and made their way through knee-high water to observe the reefs up close.

Cummins leaders Zach Gillen and Brian Mormino learn about the environmental benefits possible by restoring oyster reefs.
Cummins leaders Zach Gillen (left) and Brian Mormino (right) learn about the environmental benefits possible from restoring oyster reefs.

The reefs are constructed using wire baskets called gabions filled with limestone placed close to the shoreline to ensure the bulk of any erosion from wave action doesn’t get far. The baskets are tall enough so the reef that forms can’t be buried by sediment.

Over time, oysters cluster on the baskets and fuse together, creating rock-like reefs that provide habitat for other marine life. The oysters in the project are protected by law and cannot be harvested.

“I was really surprised by how quickly new reefs can be implemented,” said Zach Gillen, General Manager – Cummins Sales and Service North America. “Large reef extensions can take place in less than a year and they are definitely making a difference.”

Brian Mormino, Cummins’ Executive Director – Technical & Environmental Systems, said the trip left him with a renewed appreciation for the knowledge and dedication of The Nature Conservancy, and the complexity of the challenge moving forward.

The effort has stakeholders extending some 800 miles from north to south in occupations ranging from farming to shipping and commercial fishing. The initiative is further complicated by  flooding to the north and hurricanes to the south. 

“It’s one thing to know about a challenge and another to see it,” Mormino said. “I think the trip strengthened our commitment to what we’re doing, and our desire to do more.”

blair claflin director of sustainability communications

Blair Claflin

Blair Claflin is the Director of Sustainability Communications for Cummins Inc. Blair joined the Company in 2008 as the Diversity Communications Director. Blair comes from a newspaper background. He worked previously for the Indianapolis Star (2002-2008) and for the Des Moines Register (1997-2002) prior to that. [email protected]


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