Komatsu avoids pit stops

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Komatsu Mining Truck
Komatsu Mining Truck

Thanks to Cummins, machine uptime is being maximised in the mines of Scandinavia

In the vast open-pit copper mines of northern Scandinavia the temperatures can drop as low as minus 40 degrees centigrade. That’s harsh enough to test the sturdiest of machinery working day and night extracting and carrying off the precious ore.

It wouldn’t be so tough on the equipment if the thermometer stayed in roughly the same place for any decent length of time, but up there on the edge of the Arctic Circle it’s not unusual for a bitingly cold day to be followed by a more temperate one that feels positively tropical by comparison.

The unpredictable swing in temperatures makes life difficult for those charged with keeping the giant machines in full working order, with parts freezing and thawing, but it’s a challenge gladly accepted by Cummins, which has signed service and maintenance agreements with the Swedish and Finnish distributors of Komatsu specialist mining equipment.

Cost-per-hour agreements – the first of their kind for Cummins in Europe – cover a total of 17 QSK60 T4 Final powered vehicles in Finland, while in Sweden a support contract covers a further nine examples of Komatsu’s legendary 2700 hp 930-E dump truck and a pair of the world’s largest wheel loaders, the mammoth 2300 hp L2350.

European DBU leader Alok Joshi and Sander Thorstensen, Cummins Leader for the Nordic region, arranged the contracts with the Komatsu distributors Hesselberg (Sweden) and SRO (Finland). “We are relatively new to the mining sector in Europe,” said Sander, “but all the feedback we have received so far has been incredibly positive, helped by our outstanding new PrevenTech® Mining telematics technology.”

PrevenTech Mining is a real-time digital monitoring and reporting system that provides an early warning of potential equipment operating issues. It is invaluable in helping to plan maintenance and service, ensuring machinery is offline as little as possible and therefore boosting productivity for, in this case, mine owner Boliden.

Janne Valmari is managing the Komatsu operations for Cummins Sweden. He has appointed two dedicated service technicians for Boliden’s Aitik copper mine just south of Gällivare in northern Sweden, and four technicians to cover Boliden mining operations across the border in Finland.

The technicians are based close to the mines and such is the importance placed on the individuals in the relationship that Cummins arranged a nanny to help one of the technicians and his wife cope with the arrival of their new-born twins. So when they say it’s one big family at Cummins, you know they mean it!

Janne Valmari said the stream of data from PrevenTech allowed the Cummins technicians to identify and diagnose performance issues faster and with greater accuracy, so they can see, for example, if an engine has been idling too long or revved too high, and can plan in the right fixes. “It puts the mine owner in complete control, with no expensive surprises and benefitting from a higher return on their investment in product,” said Janne.

There is a rich tradition of mining in Scandinavia, and ore production has been rising significantly in both Sweden and Finland in recent years.

In Sweden, there are roughly 100 companies with exploration permits active in the search for minerals, and the country is one of the EU’s leading producers of ores and metals. Mining in Finland, where there are understood to be 11 mines currently producing metal ore and 35 industrial minerals, has broken excavation volumes for three years in a row.

“With their goal of keeping production running non-stop round-the-clock, I am certain Boliden sees the Komatsu-Cummins relationship as a core element of its strategy, and we will continue to strengthen our ties with Boliden and the Nordic mining industry in general,” said Sander Thorstensen.

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Shop Cummins in North America: Everything you need to know

Shop Cummins - Cummins Genuine Parts
Shopping for genuine Cummins products just got easier – and more convenient – with the launch of 

From genuine Cummins parts to Fleetguard (and everything in-between), you'll find over 50,000 SKUs on

Buying genuine Cummins products from the comfort of your own home? You better believe it. Shopping for genuine Cummins products just got easier – and more convenient – with the launch of

We recently sat down with Vipul Tandon, President, Cummins Power Generation North America, to discuss the future of e-commerce at Cummins and gain the inside scoop on the recent launch of in the U.S. and Canada. 

Question: Vipul, in your own words, how would you describe the new

ANSWER: Live, Seamless, Effortless and Hassle-free are the words that are top-of-mind that convey what we designed the entire experience around. 

“Live,” as in real time view of in-stock availability. 

“Seamless” in the ability to search for the right matching parts by Engine Serial Number (ESN) as well as offering over a dozen of our own and partner brands.

“Effortless” in the way customers can connect to support via chat, phone and email.

And finally, “hassle-free” local pick up options (where available), shipping and return too, if needed.

Question: What were some of the factors driving Cummins’ decision to expand their presence within the e-commerce space? 

ANSWER: The retail marketplace in North America has been on a journey toward e-commerce for nearly 20 years. Commercial end customers, however, have been slow to adopt their buying behaviors – still preferring to transact business over the counter (OTC), and even resorting to non-genuine will-fit parts when needed to preserve that OTC contact. 

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 changed customer’ preference significantly. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, online commerce sales are up 40% year-over-year. The safety, ease and convenience of online shopping will continue to drive this step change adoption of e-commerce.

Cummins Genuine Parts
"The launch of our store is a step change in our value package offering to our customers." - Vipul Tandon

Cummins Sales and Service North America (CSSNA) has had a small online shopping presence since June 2018 with the launch of its Canadian online store, and July 2019 for a small U.S. online store. The store “catalog” mainly focused on select Onan parts, Fleetguard filters and allied partner products. 

In July 2020, we added approximately 800 popular Cummins parts to our U.S. and Canada online stores.  The enthusiastic response from our customers underscored the value of providing a comprehensive product offering for purchase online. The launch of our store is a step change in our value package offering to our customers!

Question: Why might someone prefer to order Cummins parts on as opposed to, say, doing so in person?

ANSWER: The last year has taught a lot of us about the advantages of working and shopping remotely. My own grocery shopping experience has my time involvement cut in half and, get this – my checkbook thanks me too for avoiding all the impulse purchases! My favorite grocery store’s app saves me effort and time that I can instead dedicate to activities I enjoy, reading a book or spending time having fun with family and friends.  

Question: What are some of the markets and segments that will initially serve, and how were these initial markets determined? 

ANSWER: Our focus remains on DIY customers and small owner operators that are most prone to the will-fit channels. And we wanted to offer the most comprehensive offering possible. So the exclusions are instead easier to answer – these are HHP engine parts, OEM unique parts (e.g. FCA), non-Cummins engine applied parts (MX), natural gas, software licenses, recon engines that have emissions PC&C requirements and generators.

We will also be offering consumer products like Cummins portable generators in the very near future.

Question: What type of parts and products will the site offer customers? 

ANSWER: We are launching with over 50,000 SKUs that can be largely categorized by our in-house and partner brands - Cummins saleable parts (new and ReCon), Cummins Onan parts, Fleetguard, Webasto heaters, Valvoline™ fluids, Power Service additives, comprehensive maintenance kits, the R2.8 Crate Engine and of course the customer favorite - Cummins licensed merchandise!

Shop Cummins Product Lines
"We are launching with over 50,000 SKUs that can be largely categorized by our in-house and partner brands." - Vipul Tandon

Question: If you could hop into a time machine, what does the future of e-commerce – maybe even e-commerce at Cummins - look like to you? 

ANSWER: The future of e-commerce has limitless potential. 

I am not a futurist, and know that much of what the “Jetsons” told us about the future has yet to come true. What I can say confidently is that our Cummins brand has been synonymous with power and innovation that our customers have come to depend on for over a century. And for good reason. E-commerce is just one more example of Cummins staying true to our innovative spirit, and wherever the industry goes we’ll be there, ready to serve our customers where – and when – they want us. 

Michael Nagel - Cummins Inc

Michael Nagel

Michael Nagel is the Leader - Global Brand at Cummins Inc. As a member of the external communications team at Cummins, he has more than 15 years of digital communications and traditional public relations experience, with a focus on digital communications, corporate brand and content marketing. Michael earned his B.A. from the Indiana University School of Journalism - Indianapolis and currently resides in Indianapolis. 

Stranded: One tech’s 40-day island odyssey in the Indian Ocean

Rajeev Rai (right) spent much of  his island stay in a room (left) at the utility where he was working.
Rajeev Rai (right) spent much of his island stay in a room (left) at the utility where he was working.

Lakshadweep is an archipelago off the southwestern coast of India. The name translates to “one hundred thousand islands.” 

Though the title may seem quite grand, the total surface area of the union is just 12 square miles. Ten of the islands are inhabited. One received a visit from a Cummins Sales and Service technician during the COVID-19 pandemic he won’t soon forget. 

Kiltan is a coral island in the archipelago with a population just under 4,000. The island used to be part of an international trade route supplying fish and coconuts, but its economy has expanded to include government jobs, such as education, law enforcement, and transportation.

To support the island’s residents, the Lakshadweep Electrical Department (LED) has three generators providing prime power. A combination of generators from Cummins and two other companies provide electricity to all of Kiltan.

After some issues developed with the system at the end of last year, Cummins Technician Rajeev Rai was deployed from the mainland to install a new pump and injectors on March 17.


Rai completed the replacement on March 18 and carried out a load trial on March 22. Extremely satisfied with its restored power, the utility wrote a gracious note praising Rai as “hardworking and very productive.” It was time for him to return home. 

That’s when the trouble started.

The nearest port city to Lakshadweep is Kochi, which is where Rai was supposed to go to get back to the mainland. But on March 23, a lockdown was implemented due to COVID-19 and all transportation to and from Kochi stopped.

There was no way for Rai to return home.

Unable to travel, Rai stayed at the utility and monitored the generator sets as needed. Living in the utility’s workshop, he managed with few household items.

Rai did have access to the Internet, and he managed to participate in every Cummins teleconference call that he could.


After 40 days on the island, Rai was finally able to return home.

When an employee agrees to work for Cummins, there is no box to check that says, “I will go the extra mile.” Fortunately, that just comes naturally.

The people that bring Cummins products to life exemplify integrity and excellence every day. Rai's commitment is certainly one that Cummins and its customers are indebted to.

Providing reliable power is more than high quality pieces of metal, wonderfully engineered technology and trusty applications that will get the job done. It is a culmination of company culture, innovative leadership and, most importantly, exceptional people.

Across the world, employees like Rai promise to support customers every step of the way: including, but not limited to, on an archipelago in the Indian Ocean during a global pandemic. 

Cummins Office Building

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