Cummins is re-imagining manufacturing in a digital world: Industry 4.0 Virtual Symposium

On July 13-16, Cummins Inc. officially launched its Manufacturing Industry 4.0 strategy with its first-annual Industry 4.0 Virtual Symposium. Over the course of four days, the company hosted 17 sessions introducing Cummins' Industry 4.0 strategy; providing overviews and demonstrations of the latest technology and automation solutions, including digital twin, 3D printing and more; and invited all attendees to get involved.

The symposium began with a keynote presentation featuring Tim Millwood, Vice President of Global Manufacturing for Cummins, and Rachel Lecrone, Director of Manufacturing Systems for Cummins, who discussed Cummins’ Industry 4.0 strategy and its progress to date. They were also joined by Dr. Michael Salmen, Head of Digitalization for Daimler Truck Powertrain, and Eric Porschatis, Head of Techlab Digitalization Gaggenau, to discuss how Daimler Truck, a critical customer to Cummins, is thinking about and deploying its Industry 4.0 strategy – for which there was a lot of alignment.

To better understand the Cummins Industry 4.0 strategy, Millwood spent time breaking down the six core elements that make up Cummins' Industry 4.0 strategy in manufacturing and the initiatives being deployed across the company’s manufacturing network globally. The six elements are outlined below.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) – Cummins is using IIOT to connect its equipment, systems and people, enabling the company to learn from its equipment and improve operational processes.

Advanced Technologies – Cummins is adopting exciting new technologies to improve process design and performance; technologies like collaborative robots and automation, 3D printing, augmented and virtual reality, and more.

Enterprise Manufacturing Data Hub – Cummins is creating a manufacturing data hub allowing the company to look across systems, plants and products to gain greater insights into their products and processes, and solve problems more quickly.

Standard Core Systems – Cummins is leveraging the core technology systems in its plants to streamline and improve safety, quality and productivity.

Secure, Reliable Networks – Cummins is building wireless networks that provide enhanced security and reliability, both within individual sites and across its global network, ensuring plants continue to run smoothly, no matter where in the world Cummins employees are.

People – Cummins is supporting its most important asset, so Cummins employees can do their jobs to the best of their abilities through state-of-the-art tools, ongoing training and education, enhanced career opportunities/paths, recruiting new talent to support teams, and more.

Throughout the symposium, subject matter experts from across Cummins hosted immersive and educational sessions on topics ranging across all six elements above. Sessions were hosted on topics such as advanced analytics, digital twin in manufacturing, Microsoft Teams and frontline employee communications, binder jet metal 3D printing, Quality 4.0 and the OneQuality Transformation, augmented reality and virtual reality, emerging technologies for health, safety, environmental (HSE) applications, artificial intelligence-powered vision inspection, IIOT and more.

Cummins is creating the future, today; by advancing how they work, re-imaging how they manufacture in a digital world and taking their operational capabilities to the next level. 

James Wide - Cummins Inc

James Wide

James Wide is a copywriter and copy editor on the External Communications team at Cummins Inc. He joined the company in 2018. 

Cummins Marine Virtual Showcase demonstrates leadership in future technologies

boat on the water

During a time when the world has gone digital, Cummins Marine wants to meet you in your new workplace: your home, office, shipyard or even boat. 

On April 14, Cummins will host the Cummins Marine Virtual Showcase, an online event, to unveil the launch of three new products. But this digital showcase doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface of the innovation stirring within the hull. We’re making big waves, and here’s four reasons you won’t want to miss it. 

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Cummins is putting emissions standards first, for you and for the environment.

Cummins Marine is delivering its second Tier 4 solution – the QSK60 EPA Tier 4 / IMO III engine. Built on the proven performance of the QSK60, the new Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system provides innovation and dependability in a fuel- and cost-efficient package. 

“In today’s world, and the marine industry, we are facing increasing demands to deliver products that not only get the job done, but do it in a sustainable manner. Cummins Marine can only flourish if we commit to innovative solutions that are friendly to the environment and also provide our customers with cost efficient options,” Rachel Bridges, Global Marine Director. 

But don’t forget about the QSK38 Tier 4 / IMO III solution that we launched at the International Workboat Show in 2019. With a year of experience under its belt, this package has delivered 9,000+ hours to a towboat on the Ohio River. 

How does a Cummins hydrogen-powered boat work?

This will now be possible thanks to Cummins hydrogen fuel cells that are being integrated into North America’s first commercial hydrogen fuel cell-powered, zero emissions ferry (ZEF). 

Fuel cells are supplied with hydrogen from storage tanks creating electricity to run the electric motors and turn the vessels propellers, generating the ferry’s movement. With the ZEF only producing water and electricity as a by-product, it’s 100% emissions free. 

Showcasing the latest hydrogen fuel cell technologies, the vessel, named “Sea Change,” marks another crucial milestone in the commercialization of zero emissions marine vessel power. 

Real-time diagnostics for mariners powered by Cummins. 

The expectations of consumers have changed. Simply delivering a quality product — whether that’s an engine, a part, a power system, or digital application — isn’t enough. Today, people demand experiences that are personalized, informative, and engaging. 

In today’s digital world, most consumers are accustomed to having instant updates and access to data via their smartphone, tablet or laptop. On the road, you can get remote engine monitoring and reporting of potential performance issues using alerts. 

Now, you can have that same access out on the water with Cummins designed solution, PrevenTech. This integrated digital solution will be available for marine applications throughout North America beginning in mid-2021. 

A military boat that can rollover, but an engine manufacturer that never will. 

When the US Coast Guard developed their 47-foot surf boat in the late 1990s, it set a new standard for lifeboats. The first engine-powered boats allowed decks and cabins that afforded a greater level of safety. 

The indominable nature of the “rollover boat” is its ability to self-right itself if overturned. Not only will the boat turn right side up, but it will do so with both main engines running and ready to drive the boat ahead. This was a tall order for any engine that would hope to qualify, and two Cummins QSC8.3 engines met that challenge.

When the project is complete, in collaboration with Birdon America, Cummins will power over 100 self-righting vessels provided to the US Coast Guard

Cummins Marine heritage dates back to the Company’s beginnings in 1919. Our legacy of providing reliable, innovative products to meet the durability and performance needs of marine applications hasn’t changed.

Speakers will include Director of Marine Operations, Scott Malindzak; Director of New Initiatives, Ryan Sookhoo; Product Manager, Carlos Ortega; Product Manager, Michael LeNeave; President of Tucker Yacht Design, Micah Tucker; and President of Birdon Americas, Jim Ducker. 

Katie Yoder - Cummins Inc.

Katie Yoder

Katie Yoder is a Marketing Communications Specialist. She joined Cummins in 2018 as a member of the trade show operations team, but now supports the Marine and Oil & Gas segments’ marketing initiatives. As a University of Wisconsin alumna, Katie spends her free time watching Badger sports.

Cummins presents renewable energy solutions at Peru conference

Delegates were interested to hear the Cummins perspective on renewable energy
Delegates were interested to hear the Cummins perspective on renewable energy

More than 60 specialists from some of Peru’s top companies gathered to hear the Cummins message on cogeneration, biogas and hybrid energy solutions.

Cummins Peru's Renewable Energy Solutions was the title of an event held on June 6 in Peru’s capital city, Lima. The conference was a great opportunity for Cummins Peru to present the full scope of the company’s latest technological developments, drawing on examples from around the world in the fields of cogeneration, biogas and hybrid energy solutions. 

The event was the first of its kind held in the country, and attracted more than 60 specialists from the country's leading players in the mining, energy, construction, telecommunications, engineering and research sectors. Delegates were keen to share their technical knowledge and experiences, and equally interested to hear what Cummins had to say. 

The audience included more than 60 representatives from key industrial sectors
The audience included more than 60 representatives from key industrial sectors

“Our main objective was to present new technologies and solutions in electrical generation,” says Henrry Guzman, Manager of Cummins Peru’s Energy and Engines Business Unit, who was very pleased with the excellent reception the launch received. 

The company has developed a strong position in renewable energy. “Cummins has delivered excellent financial results globally that have allowed the acquisition in recent years of other companies related to renewable energy and electrification. In addition, we have entered into partnerships that enable us to provide complete solutions along with the warranty and after sales service we offer our customers,” Guzman points out. 

Fabiana Menezes

Fabiana is the Corporate Communications Specialist for Cummins Power Systems Latin America. She graduated in Journalism and has pursued a career in Corporate Communications with ten years' experience at multinational companies from different sectors. She joined the company in February, 2018. 

Cummins holds Power Seminars in Bolivia and Paraguay

The Cummins seminar in Santa Cruz de la Sierra drew 23 industry professionals.
The Cummins seminar in Santa Cruz de la Sierra drew 23 industry professionals.

Two more countries in Latin America have played host to seminars that highlighted Cummins power plant products and technologies.

Recent events hosted in Paraguay and Bolivia have highlighted the role Cummins plays in Latin America, and the impact Cummins is making on power companies, regional players and national governments.

At the end of May in Paraguay, Cummins Power Systems held a technical and commercial seminar covering generator set installation and the synchronization of power plants. The event brought together professionals from leading Paraguayan companies, including project planning companies for the Paraguayan Chaco region. 

The La Paz event was attended by representatives of industry and government.
The La Paz event was attended by representatives of industry and government.

Key presentations were given by Juan Manuel Ruiz, Applications Engineer at Cummins BUPA (which serves Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina), and by Gerardo Gutiérrez, Sales Systems Leader at Power Systems Latin America. They outlined the benefits of Cummins generator sets and passed on technical information to potential customers. Their presentations provided attendees with useful insights, emphasizing the robustness, flexibility and reliability of Cummins products. A Cummins C33 D5 generator set on display added visual appeal and allowed potential customers to get up close to a Cummins unit.

In early June in Bolivia, two Power Seminars on power plant projects were held; the first in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and the second in the national capital. Both events attracted many professionals from the telecommunication, energy, construction and financial sectors – 23 at Santa Cruz de la Sierra and more than 40 at the La Paz event, which also attracted significant numbers of government employees.

Cummins engineers addressed power plant design issues including automatic transfer, paralleling and intelligent power plant systems.  The event proved to be very dynamic. Participants showed high levels of interest in the topics presented, and were keen both to ask questions and to share their own experiences. 

Fabiana Menezes

Fabiana is the Corporate Communications Specialist for Cummins Power Systems Latin America. She graduated in Journalism and has pursued a career in Corporate Communications with ten years' experience at multinational companies from different sectors. She joined the company in February, 2018. 

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