Anna brings New Power's innovations to hydrogen and transportation markets

Anna Murray

With more than eight years working in the hydrogen industry, Anna Murray has dipped her toes into some of Cummins' biggest fuel cell and hydrogen technologies projects. You may have seen recent announcements about our fuel cell trains across Europe or may have caught wind of our deployment of the largest PEM electrolysis hydrogen facility in the United States, and now our work on the world's largest PEM electrolysis hydrogen facility in Becancour, Quebec. These are just a few of the projects that Anna has helped shape and create. 

I like the challenges that come with working in emerging technology. I still self-identify as an engineer first, so working on new technologies keeps me engaged. 

The first of its kindAnna in workshop

She considers herself quite lucky, since most engineers go through their entire careers without working on a true, first-of-its-kind project, and she has had the privilege of working on several already, with more to come in the future. Through the addition of Hydrogenics to Cummins, the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies business has been on the forefront of leading the hydrogen industry with multiple firsts, and Anna is rightfully proud of her contribution. 

Wearing many caps throughout her eight years within the industry, she has also been the project manager for the prototype design of an air-independent fuel cell system and a complete energy system in Raglan, Quebec. But these opportunities didn't come out of nowhere. All her contributions were predicated on years of experience working outside of the hydrogen industry on a variety of off-highway equipment types, including wheel-loaders, tractors, aerial work platforms and even generators. 

Joining Cummins through Hydrogenics is like a pleasant merging of past and present experiences in the transportation sector. I am excited by what can be done with hydrogen under such an expansive organization.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

These successes have led her to her current role as a Senior Platform Manager, where she is responsible for all Solid Polymer Electrolysis (SPE) products producing renewable hydrogen. Currently her focus is on bringing to market Cummins' HYLZER 1000 Electrolyzer system, our largest electrolyzer unit to date and the heart of the upcoming Becancour project. The goal is to bring gigawatt-level hydrogen production to market to provide clean energy options for a multitude of industries and help transition our global economy to one based on more sustainable energy solutions. 

I am excited to be working on technology with real potential to have a significant impact on our shift to an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy model for the planet. My neice and nephew have existential angst about their future due to climate change, and it gives them (and me!) comfort to know that Auntie Anna is working on it.

Leading from the frontAnna speaking at a conference

These accomplishments haven't been achieved on her own. Anna modestly points out that these have been team contributions and that go beyond just her department. "I often see my team as the entire company. In my role, I work closely with Senior Management, Business Development, Sales, Finance, Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality, Health & Safety, Commissioning and Service. A big part of my job is to make it easier for other people to do theirs." Working across functional units, she makes a point to always understand what individuals are doing and why it is critical to the overall objectives. "I lead from the front. I like to think of myself as a detail-oriented, big picture thinker that strives to continuously move forward." Her role often requires her to take massive (and sometimes seemingly impossible) problems and break them down into manageable tasks that will eventually get her projects successfully to the finish line. 

But it's not all work for Anna, who seeks refuge from the world of emerging technology by going back to basics and enjoying some simple pleasures.

To me, living is being at my camp in Northern Ontario. I try to get up there as often as possible since I love being in nature and completely unplugging. I can swim, kayak, climb mountains, hike through the woods, and relax with a book. When you work with technology all the time, it's nice to escape from it completely every once in awhile.

No doubt it is much earned time when she does get away. She has been spending a fair bit of time this summer preparing for upcoming product deliveries. Working through COVID-19 has posed challenges, but she remains diligent in progressing her projects and furthering hydrogen technology and opportunities. More than ever, we're excited to help Anna in continuing to bring big new things to the hydrogen and transportation markets. 


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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Senior Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Maine with her husband and three dogs. 

Immanuel uses Communications to make a global impact

A collage of photos of immanuel

Immanuel Umoren has been a communicator all his life. Growing up in Nigeria, he starred in plays, performed in shows, and emceed events every chance he got. Communicating with people has been a common thread throughout his life -- he's always loved the stage. 

Immanuel at a public speaking eventToday, Immanuel's stage is his role as a Communications Specialist for the Engine Business Unit (EBU) at Cummins. He works to communicate about the Cummins engine business with people across the globe. "Some days, I'll have meetings with colleagues in the UK, here in Indiana, and in California all before noon," Immanuel says. "In a sense, I get to travel the world every day!"

Whether he's the one holding the microphone or working behind the scenes, Immanuel uses his role as an opportunity to rally people around a cause, uniting them for something greater. 

"It's great to feel like we're really making an impact across the world," he says.

I'm not communicating about just engines -- those engines will go in trucks and applications that will help people get an education, harvest food, transport essential goods, or see their families. We're moving the world forward.

It's this greater purpose that first drew Immanuel to Cummins. And after interviewing with Cummins during his senior year at Hanover College, Immanuel accepted a full-time offer from the company, starting just two weeks after his graduation. 

I was struck by how Cummins is such a human company. I remember thinking, 'I've found a Fortune 150 company with a corporate culture that's actually invested in making people's lives better?' And from there I was all in.

"It's truly a company with a conscience. Cummins cares about humanity, whether we're looking at customers, employees, our community or the environment. It's crucial that when you have this much power, you recognize the responsibility that comes with it, and Cummins takes this very seriously."

Immanuel's smile of optimismImmanuel is a man of values. Since he was young, his parents instilled in him the value of hard work, humility, respect and optimism. It takes only a couple of minutes with Immanuel to see those values shine through his words and actions. An eternal optimist, Immanuel is usually wearing the biggest smile in the room, starting conversations and building connections with anyone he comes across. 

"I embrace any chance I get to foster relationships and build memories, get outside, eat something, laugh, take pictures and capture moments -- it's all about enjoying life. It's such a gift," he adds.

Outside of the office, Immanuel enjoys experimenting with style and fashion. He doesn't shy away from bold colors, patterns and new shapes to express himself. In a sea of business casual, Immanuel stands out in the best way possible by bringing together business and art. 

"I read the stories about J. Irwin Miller, and I was so enthralled with how he brought art and architecture to the city of Columbus. A life with art is a beautiful life."

As for the next step in his career at Cummins, Immanuel hopes to continue to find new ways to provide value and tackle new challenges through authentic human communication. Whatever the future holds, you can bet he will meet it with style & a smile. 

"I'm learning that one of the keys to building a successful career is to recognize that you're valuable, and there's power in our differences. The experiences of your life have given you a perspective and a dimension that no one else has. That diversity of ideas is what keeps us moving. That's how Cummins will continue to lead through the next 100 years."


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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Senior Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Maine with her husband and three dogs. 

Frank’s role in New Power allows him to steer hydrogen power across the globe

Adapting to a new way of working has become a necessity for everyone, and for Frank Volders, who would often travel to a different country frequently, adapting is more important now than ever before. Taking it in stride, through all the work and home environmental changes, Frank continues to provide his customers with the technical solutions they require. With more than ten years of experience in hydrogen technology, Frank's role as a maintenance and service engineer in Cummins New Power allows him to help create and shape the future of hydrogen across the globe. 

Joining Cummins a year ago through the Hydrogenics acquisition, Frank brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to the New Power team. Through his role at the Cummins Oevel (Belgium) facility, he is responsible for installing hydrogen electrolyzer around the world and carrying out periodic maintenance on machinery both on and off site. 

I have been involved in the installation of ten different hydrogen re-fueling stations in Europe, including the Aberdeen Council Hydrogen Energy Station (ACHES) in Scotland, the Eon-Uniper project in Germany, and the Store & Go project in Troia, Italy. I have also had the opportunity to work on installations in many other countries across the world.

Frank's new normal

COVID-19 has presented challenges, and due to travel restrictions Frank is unable to odder regular on-site service visits to his customers. However, excellent service has continued. Frank says, "Before the pandemic, we were already solving some of our customers' problems remotely through email and Skype. When COVID-19 came about, we utilized the ability to log into machinery remotely, which allows us to see what the problem is and assist our customers in finding the solution." This remote work hasn't dampened Frank's enthusiasm. He adds,

I am very passionated about developing new technology in the world of hydrogen. I'm 100& convinced that hydrogen will play a major role in the energy transition over the next few years.

From firsts to fruition

Cummins has recently completed several first-of-its-kind projects, and Frank has played a part in many of them - including the first hydrogen re-fuelling stations in Norway and Switzerland. For Frank, his milestone achievement was the successful implementation of the Aberdeen Council Hydrogen Storage Re-fueling Station (ACHES). As lead service and maintenance engineer, Frank was laser focused on success. "This was the real achievement for our team, as the whole station from the development of the 60 Nmᵌ Hydrogen alkalic electrolyzer to the installation was done solely by our team. Now, the station is running independently with no operator on-site."

Shaping the workforce of the future

Not only is Frank passionate about creating new technologies, he also invests his time in training and offering his support to new engineers. Frank is keen to pass his skills and in-depth engineering knowledge to young, passionate engineers who are helping to shape the future of Cummins. He adds, "my skills and experiences are really important to hand over, especially in a job which is both highly technical and complex." He believes that the most effective way to learn is to teach on a practical level. "I often take our new engineers out to site visits with me and have them by my side when on the job. This builds up their experience by allowing them to see the job firsthand." 

What I really value about Cummins is the diversity of our teams. Our current team of 12 includes teammates from Belgium, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Tunisia and India.

Frank snorkeling in the Dominican RepublicOutside of work, Frank's passion is diving, although his hobby is currently on hold due to the pandemic. He has fond memories of being deep in the waters of Kenya, Turkey, Greece, Egypt and beyond.

With a bright future ahead for hydrogen, Frank will continue his journey of shaping hydrogen power across the globe and teaching others along the way.


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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Senior Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Maine with her husband and three dogs. 

Lindsey stays right on target at Cummins

Lindsey banner

Lindsey Smith is still getting used to living in a town with two Walmarts. As a Texan turned Hoosier, she finds herself most at home in the great outdoors. Whether it's hiking, marching, practicing archery or making great leaps in engineering technology, Lindsey seeks excellence every day. 

The second oldest of four sisters, Lindsey grew up as one of the family's two tomboys -- she loved working outside, welding, playing in the yard and taking up various "farm hobbies." She attributes her interest in engineering to her outdoorsy upbringing. 

Taking her passion to the top

"Growing up spending so much time outside and working with my hands, I became curious about how things work," Lindsey said. "Even shooting a compound bow is very mechanically-driven and dependent on visual acuity. Given what I like to do," she continues,

Engineering gives me a field without limits -- there will always be a need for power and people who can figure out how things work.

While moving throughout Texas and growing up homeschooled, Lindsey excelled in archery from a young age, becoming nationally and internationally ranked as a member of Team USA. She practiced four to six hours each day and traveled across the country for competitions. 

"Through practicing archery, I learned how to be a better worker, and that shows through my work both at Cummins and in the National Guard," she says. 

When she got to college, Lindsey took a break from archery to focus on earning her mechanical engineering degree. According to Lindsey, you can only break your own records so many times before it gets old -- but the sport remains close to her heart. 

"Archery is different from other sports in that I can always come back to it," she says. "It's not limited by age -- if I want to go to the Olympics someday, I could always go back and still hold my own competitively, regardless of my age." 

Engineering a future of excellence

Lindsey grew up seeing her father excel in his career as a petroleum engineer, and she lived close to a manufacturing hub for Peterbilt, whose trucks largely run on Cummins engines. Growing up, engineering was all around her -- and she took to it like a natural. 

Throughout college at Texas Woman's University and the University of North Texas, Lindsey dedicated herself to her studies, getting ahead of the game with internships in production engineering, aviation and locomotives, and even a project with NASA, where she secured funding for her student team to work on a carbon-fiber rocket to be launched at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. 

Lindsey on site at CMEPSoon after, Lindsey learned more about Cummins at a conference for the Society of Women Engineers. She went to the Cummins booth, secured a phone interview right away, then quickly accepted an offer to join the Cummins manufacturing rotational program -- because Lindsey doesn't believe in just waiting around for things to happen. She made the first move, and then spent the next two years traveling across the country to work with different manufacturing engineering teams at Cummins. 

A community of inclusion in action

"Cummins provided me a great opportunity to get out of my small town and develop my own identity with my own experiences," Lindsey says. "Within three months of being in Columbus, I got to know people in town, made friends, and got involved in my new community. The people I work with quickly became like family to me.

With her new family of coworkers, Lindsey finds herself immersed in a number of different cultures and cuisines that one wouldn't typically expect to encounter working at a Midwestern technology manufacturing company -- but like Cummins, Lindsey is all about embracing the unfamiliar. 

"I absolutely love Indian food and culture," Lindsey said. "I studied abroad in India during college, so I have something to relate to with my Indian coworkers and friends," she says.

We're not just friends within the context of our jobs, we share our lives and families and cultures in so many ways. I know that no matter where I go, I'll always have family here to come home to.

Lindsey is always planning ahead and looking toward Lindsey with a helicopter at National Guard trainingthe future. Her next step is a six-month leave to attend military officer school with the National Guard at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. But after that, she'll be right back at Cummins in a new engineering role. 

"At this point in my career, it's not about what company I see myself working for next -- it's about where within Cummins I see myself going next. The career growth opportunities are infinite within our organization," she notes.

At Cummins, career changes aren't just permitted, they're expected. Every new employee is encouraged to take interest in a variety of roles and functions. After two or three years in a role, it's very common for employees to change jobs (or even functions) within the organization. 

She says, "Challenges are the norm here, but in a positive way," Lindsey said. "Growth is expected, and employees are encouraged to pursue excellence and progress in their career in their own ways. It's no coincidence that people move around a lot within the company -- Cummins hires the kind of people who want to grow and learn."

Constant improvement has been a recurring theme throughout Lindsey's life. Whether it's archery, training as a military officer, honing her engineering skills or dreaming of earning her pilot's license, you can be sure Lindsey's on her way to success -- full speed ahead. 

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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Senior Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Maine with her husband and three dogs. 

Guangji makes his way back to fuel cells with a career in New Power

As the Chief Engineer for the Cummins New Power engineering team in China, Guangji Ji is exactly where he has always wanted to be, and his career with Cummins New Power was almost a decade in the making. After dedicating his doctorate studies to becoming an expert in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology in vehicles, Guangji realized upon earning his doctorate that the job market didn't offer many opportunities for roles involving fuel cells. 

My heart has always been in fuel cell development for the transportation sector, but the market wasn't ready, so I went into developing hybrid and battery electric vehicles. After about seven years of working in electric batteries, the opportunity to develop fuel cells for Cummins in China arose - I finally had the opportunity to return to my passion.

In the years before Cummins, Guangji continued to expand his capabilities in software development, system engineering and handling comprehensive, large scale projects. All these skills have helped him bring more value to his current role in the New Power Business Unit. In this role, he is responsible for fuel cell development, fuel cell powertrain application and hydrogen generation technology in China, with his work realized in Cummins hydrogen fuel cell buses. His team partners with colleagues in Canada to develop fuel cell innovations for China's market. He also interfaces with a Cummins fuel cell team in California on developing fuel cell powertrains and a team in Indiana on battery development. "We work as one team, not just in China but globally. We utilize a well-defined responsibility assignment matrix (RACI) to keep us organized and efficiently aligned on all the responsibilities of each team. It's a dynamic team that partners to deliver the higher value for our customers in any region of the world."

No stranger to firsts

GuangjiWhen asked what project he is most proud of, Guangji cites developing a higher kilowatt fuel cell power module. "Our team is working as part of the Cummins global team and developing a most advanced fuel cell product with higher kilowatt power module, so we are all excited to be part of this new innovation." But Guangji is no stranger to new innovations. In his previous roles prior to joining Cummins, he was part of the team that created a hybrid demonstration passenger car in China, and he was also one of the pioneers of the fuel cell functional safety analysis in China, including technical safety requirements for fuel cells. His ability to thrive in uncharted territories over the years is made possible by his personal mantra:

The motto 'think positively and work actively' allows us to remain hopeful, optimistic and working actively so we can make our hopes a reality. Positive thinking allows me to build success in others on my team to find solutions to any obstacle. Working actively allows me to build trust with my stakeholders by delivering high-quality results.

Leading the charge

Guangji is drawn to challenging projects and believes that Cummins presents the perfect ecosystem to dive into this new space. "I knew about Cummins before I joined the company and was attracted to it because we have the preconditions to make fuel cell innovations successful. The processes, technologies and experiences accumulated over the company's 100-year history can be leveraged and are transferable to the fuel cell business."

Speaking on the culture of the company, he says, "The Cummins family is friendly and people-oriented and I'm surrounded by supportive colleagues who demonstrate mutual respect."

We are in a time of dynamic, multi-solution transportation options so I am dedicated to making sure Cummins is positioned to lead in the future. In my role, I'm encouraged by the fact that my thoughts and expertise can influence the products we create and, consequently, help shape the future of transportation and power solutions.

Guangji has been interested in fuel cells for many years and as the world is just catching up, he is excited that Cummins is leading the charge. 


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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Senior Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Maine with her husband and three dogs. 

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