Poultry feed business expands with cost-efficient gas power solution

Cummins Power Generation cogeneration solution powered by two Cummins QSK60G gas generators at ACI Godrej, Bangladesh
Cummins Power Generation cogeneration solution powered by two Cummins QSK60G gas generators at ACI Godrej, Bangladesh

In order to expand its poultry feed business in Sirajganj, Bangladesh, ACI Godrej Agrovet Pvt. Ltd. required a generator-based power solution that was fuel efficient while maintaining a low total cost of ownership. The cogeneration solution offered by Cummins Power Generation was selected for its leadership in product reliability and expertise in cogeneration technologies. Not only did the two Cummins QSK60G gas generators cover the 2.7MW total power requirements, but an exhaust gas powered boiler with a capacity of 1.8 Tons was also added, offering significant environmental and cost benefits as the excess heat produced was repurposed for steam generation, lowering the total NOx emissions.  

Cummins Power Generation cogeneration solution at ACI Godrej, BangladeshACI Godrej had already partnered with Cummins Power Generation for a 1.6MW diesel continuous power system. ACI Godrej chose Cummins for this gas-powered expansion project due to the first-rate product technology and dedicated ongoing service support provided by Jakson International, Cummins Power Generation’s local distributor. Cummins Power Generation offered a clear advantage over competition as the QSK60G gas generator models provided significant fuel and financial savings while maintaining a rigid power supply 24/7 with a quick load step performance and long major service overhauls. The generators’ large major overhaul service cycle provided the customer with a high return on CapEx investment while keeping the operations and maintenance costs low. 

Read more about ACI Godrej’s cogeneration solution in this case study

Angela Papageorgiou

Angela Papageorgiou is the Senior Marketing Communications Specialist for the Energy Management Segment of Cummins Inc. Prior to joining Cummins in 2014, Angela worked in Marketing Communications agencies supporting the development and execution of B2C and B2B campaign projects. [email protected]

National Preparedness Month: Be ready for a busy hurricane season

tropical storm

This year has been far from normal, but regardless of a global pandemic hurricane season still comes around every year. The 2020 Atlantic Basin hurricane season is already off to a historically eventful start and meteorologists are expecting the tropics to remain active.

As of the August forecast, Meteorologists at NOAA and Colorado State University are now predicting 19-25 named storms in the Atlantic Basin for the year. If this holds true, all the alphabetical tropical storm and hurricane names will be used in 2020. This means the Greek alphabet will have to be will be tapped into like it was back in 2005.  

The peak of the Atlantic Basin hurricane season is in mid-September. As a result, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has designated this month as National Preparedness Month (NPM).

The NPM 2020 theme is “Disasters Don’t Wait. Make Your Plan Today.” FEMA’s website makes it easy to prepare and suggests different preparedness activities to focus on for each week of September. 

September 1-5: Make a plan

  • Know your natural disaster risk
  • Have an out-of-town contact
  • Identify a family meeting place if everyone gets separated
  • Ask a neighbor to check on your pets if a disaster strikes when you are not home
  • Know your area’s evacuation routes and local disaster shelter locations

September 6-12: Build a kit

  • Assemble a disaster prep kit, including items specifically selected for each member of your family (children, seniors, special needs, pets)
  • Develop a “necessities” list that includes items you and your family cannot live without
  • Have at least a two-week supply of bottled water, non-perishable food and prescription medications
  • Include items like masks, hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap and wipes that are now especially necessary due to COVID-19
  • Have important supplies on hand — first aid kit, flashlights, extra batteries, NOAA weather radio, blanket, cash (single dollar bills) and cell phone charger (at a minimum)
  • Keep a disaster kit at home, at work and in your vehicle

September 13-19: Prepare for disasters

  • Having a standby generator means all the power in your home can be restored automatically without gas, even when you’re not there. If you have back-up power generation, your home can be your family’s central meeting place. If you don’t have backup power, make sure your family agrees on a safe place to meet in the event that you are separated.
  • Store important documents in a metal strongbox to protect them from exposure. Keep them on a flash drive as well, just in case.
  • Survey property areas for things that might need repair. Check loose or hanging shingles, signs or shutters, walkways, storage spaces and even overgrown vegetation and dead trees. Check your roof for leaks. Clean out gutters and chimneys.
  • Know if you live in a flood zone. Homeowner’s insurance does not cover flooding and a new flood insurance policy has a 30-day wait period until it activates. Remember, even if you do not live in a designated flood zone: it can still flood!

September 20-26: Teach youth about preparedness

  • Make sure you and your children understand the weather risks in your area
  • Encourage teachers to discuss disaster preparedness at school 
  • Make learning about disasters fun through books, games and other online resources 

Don't suffer through another power outage

In addition to educating yourself about hurricane preparedness, you can take the extra step to protect your residence with a Cummins home generator. Standby power can keep your life essentials operating in the event of a major outage and provide you with peace of mind. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Inquire about a Cummins home generator today and find a certified Cummins dealer near you. 

Meteorologist Cheryl Nelson
Cummins Weather & Preparedness Advisor 
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Cheryl Nelson, Certified Broadcast Meteorologist

Cheryl Nelson

Cheryl Nelson is an Emmy-nominated and AP award-winning Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, TV Host, FEMA-Certified Instructor and Weather and Preparedness Advisor for Cummins. You can visit Cheryl’s website at www.PrepareWithCher.com and follow her on Twitter and Facebook @CherylNelsonTV. 

Overcoming pandemic challenges to power large-scale data center project in Middle East

A Cummins C3000D5E generator in an acoustic enclosure is offloaded at the port.
A Cummins C3000D5E generator in an acoustic enclosure is offloaded at the port.

No doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has brought countless unexpected variables with an extended effect on projects’ life cycles including supply chain, manufacturing and testing.

At the end of 2019, Cummins Africa Middle East was contracted by a leading provider of cloud and computing web services to supply nine (9) C3000D5E units enclosed in customized acoustic enclosures, extending the system that was delivered in 2018 and shown in this video.

ame-data-center-projectLeveraging strong relationships, global resources and innovative solutions, the team achieved on-time delivery. Key to the success of this high-profile project was pre-order engineering expertise, leading emission technologies, competitive pricing, regional and global support.

With the first phase completed, many challenges had to be addressed in Phase 2 even before the pandemic. The delivery schedule was very tight, which necessitated that the design improvements happened concurrently while enclosures were being built. The generator sets packaging process inside the acoustic enclosures had an early start based on the customer’s strategic global requirement, and the team reviewed the project’s delivery schedule to find areas to expedite the build to meet the customer’s delivery milestones. 

The fabrication and delivery schedule was complicated after the start of COVID-19 restrictions impacted availability of staff and materials, along with restricted access to the build oversight. Adding difficulty was the travel restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic. In place of a more effective and easy face-to-face meeting, the Cummins team had to rely solely on virtual meetings with the design and factory teams at manufacturing plant for the process of issue identification, redesign and improvement implementation.

ame-data-center-projectDuring the pandemic, members of the Commissioning team worked at the vendor’s premises to test the full integration of the generator package inside the acoustic enclosure. After completing all the internal tests, the team conducted a three-day virtual witness test with the customer remotely. The team used three cameras to stream the test from all angles to enable the customer to witness the test. Moreover, the whole virtual test was video recorded, and the video was shared with the customer. The customer witness test included 12 hours’ full load test in addition to the functional tests for all the other subsystems.

“The Project Delivery and Implementation Commissioning team is always in the frontline supporting customers to test, commission and deliver power on time,” said Dany Adam, Director - Power Generation Business AME “The team is hard at work behind the scene with the target to support the customers to be Always On.”

The customer was satisfied with the generator performance and factory acceptance test setup and process, which is a remarkable success. Cummins executed, tested and delivered the project on time to a strategic customer despite the operational, logistical and mobilization challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anisha George

As a Marketing Communications Specialist, Anisha supports marketing, communications and event management for Africa and Middle East regions. Prior to joining Cummins in 2011, she gained industry experience working in the event management field. [email protected] 

Cummins home generator family business thrives in the hills of North Carolina

Cummins home generator install - North Carolina

Allan Dearth Generators and Sons is a generator dealer based out of Scaly Mountain, North Carolina (USA) that is giving “family business” a whole new meaning.

Owner and operator Allan Dearth has been doing electrical work for many years and even in the early stages was familiar with Cummins’ product. But it wasn’t until his eldest son decided to move home and dive into business with him that their family-owned operation came to life. Since its founding 14 years ago, their business has been a constant trend of positive success with a supportive Cummins network in their back pocket. 

Many years ago, Allan worked for an electrical company that was his first introduction to the market. He spent seven years delivering, setting, wiring and installing Cummins home generators and eventually took an opportunity to lead a Cummins account where he learned to service products as well. He maintained this role until he received an exciting call from his son, Bryan Dearth.

At the time, Bryan was working in Milwaukee as a diesel mechanic. He told his father that he was coming back home, and he wanted to start their own generator business. Fourteen years ago, this was the conversation that ignited their operation: Allan Dearth Generators and Sons (ADS). Now their business includes ten employees, six of which are family by blood – the other four considered honorary family members by association. 

Cummins home generator install - North Carolina

ADS has been selling and servicing Cummins home generators since their inception. They provide service to three different states (North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia) as they are conveniently located near the tri-state border. In the early days, their local area was a very seasonal town. During the winters they would have a population of 4,000 that would grow to nearly 30,000 with tourists during the summers. Now it is more of a year-round town and ADS regularly services about 1,500 generators. 

Over the years, the Dearth family has had great experiences with Cummins’ products and service support. Allan said, “Cummins has always been a good generator, they have a good price point, they are reliable and we like working on them because they’re simpler than most brands.”

Allan highlighted a unique experience with a customer who was doubling the size of his home. He had put a Cummins generator on this man’s residence over 20 years ago and subsequently supported the request to install a larger unit to accommodate his increased power need. The customer no longer had use for the old generator, so he donated it back to ADS. 

Allan took the unit, serviced it and was able to resell it to a gentleman who is a general contractor working in a remote area with zero centralized power. The man was building seven houses on a piece of property over the course of eight months and needed a dependable power solution during the construction period. ADS installed the 22-year-old generator for him and he now runs it eight hours a day, six days a week. Their team services the unit every three weeks and it still runs like new. 

Cummins home generator install - North Carolina

In summation, Allan offered up some advice for anyone on the market for a home generator, “Service support is a big factor. People want to know if they run into a problem, who is going to back them up? It’s all about the support behind the product.” With confidence, he said, “We’re here and we’re here to stay. And Cummins will always back us up.”

Interested in inquiring about a Cummins Home Generator? Visit our website

Interested in becoming a Cummins home generator dealer? Let us know!

Check out Allan Dearth Generator and Sons active Instagram account for product install photos. 

Katie Yoder - Cummins Inc.

Katie Yoder

Katie Yoder is a Marketing Communications Specialist. New to Cummins in 2018, Katie joined the marketing operations team where she supports trade show initiatives in North America. As a University of Wisconsin alumna, Katie enjoys watching Badger sports in her free time.

Cummins Home Generator protects California homeowner’s horse ranch from the unexpected

Woman living in rural California trusts her Cummins home generator to keep her home and her horses safe from power outages in the face of any weather event or planned blackout.  

A California resident that worked in the technology business and lived in the San Francisco (USA) Bay area is a familiar story. But one that is a little more unusual, is the female tech guru that left the coast to settle her roots on a 13-acre horse ranch in the more remote area of Pilot Hill, California (USA). Meet Lory Hopkins, a west coast homeowner living the dream.

Hopkins is a businesswoman whose property sits on the top of a hill overlooking beautiful rolling terrain and local vineyards just outside of Sacramento. There is no doubt that the landscape is stunning but living in a rural area comes with its challenges. 

In the last couple of years, power outages in California have increased at an alarming rate. Power companies are pausing their services with little to no warning when extreme temperatures and high winds arise. Residents have been left without power for up to eight days at a time. 

On Hopkins’ property, extended time without electricity and water is a hazard for her home and for her five horses. Depending on two water wells for hydration, it is necessary to have power supporting human and equine life essentials. In addition to water access, she has an electric gate that requires power to enter and exit areas of her property. 

In need of a dependable solution, Hopkins was connected with a family friend that owned Day Electric, a home generator provider in California. Learning more about what a generator could do for her 2850 square foot residence, Hopkins was encouraged to support her ranch with a Cummins home generator. 

After a free in-home assessment was completed on her property, Day Electric encouraged Hopkins to invest in a 30kW generator to protect all of her home essentials. Install went smooth and the unit was up and running in a weekend’s time. 

For the first few months, no power outages occurred but Hopkins listened for her generator to self-exercise every week. Once the planned blackouts began to happen, Hopkins said “It’s the best money I’ve ever spent.” She said, “Sometimes I don’t even know that I have lost power.”

Quote from Lory Hopkins

Describing her experiences, Hopkins stated that last year she had a power outage that lasted over a week. The generator kicks on with maybe a three second delay and it will run all day. She said, “It has been seamless.” 

Now living with a dependable power solution for her home, Hopkins is confident in the safety of her horses and her uninterrupted access to electricity. In preparation for wildfire season and other natural disasters in her area, Hopkins mentioned that many of her neighbors are also investing in whole house generators. 

If you’re in the market for power you can count on, trust Cummins home generators to support your peace of mind. 

Katie Yoder - Cummins Inc.

Katie Yoder

Katie Yoder is a Marketing Communications Specialist. New to Cummins in 2018, Katie joined the marketing operations team where she supports trade show initiatives in North America. As a University of Wisconsin alumna, Katie enjoys watching Badger sports in her free time.

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