A lifelong passion allows Chris Davison to excel at Cummins

Since childhood, Chris has had a passion for bikes and it has guided his career journey. At the age of 13, he started his first job in a bike shop, working with his hands to fix things. Since then, fixing things has been his passion. Fast forward 8 years and Chris decided to study Mechanical Engineering at University. Chris completed his 4-year degree at Derby University while maintaining his interests by working as a mountain bike mechanic. 

Midway through his degree, Chris was offered the chance to work for Cummins via a summer internship. At Cummins, he worked as a design engineer for aftertreatment systems. Impressed by his hard work and intuition during his internship, he was offered full-time placement once he finished his degree.

Chris DavisonChris finds solutions.

In August of 2018, Chris started his career in Cummins Electrified Power Business Unit (EPBU). As a Validation Engineer, Chris produces test reports to prove or disprove a theory on an aspect of product function. His tests are varied; one day he can be validating an early-stage design for the future, the next, finding and replicating a customer's problem. 

"I love the fact that as a systems guy, I have the opportunity to find a fault then go back in and develop a fix for it."

battery prototype
Chris works on projects that cover a product throughout its entire life, from prototype development until it is in the field. Recently, Chris had the opportunity to spend 6 weeks with a customer in San Francisco testing a product at the prototype stage. 

"You can be workong on a test where they have 20 to 25 people all queuing up to help you, with over 250 years of experience ready to solve problems. It's really incredible."

The future is exciting. 

Chris believes that the future is very exciting for the battery business: "there is so much that Cummins can achieve in the next 5 - 10 years. I'm excited to be part of it." Similarly, Chris' future is bright. He believes that being surrounded by such great people is allowing him to learn at an accelerated rate:

"Validation is a great place to be! It's one of the best places to be to learn about the product, the cell chemistry, mechanical integrity and much more."

Cummins has the bug for innovation and it's at the forefront of technology. Chris is keen to keep testing new, exciting technologies and solving problems - all while fitting in regular trips on his mountain bike thanks to a flexible environment. 

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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Global Employer Brand Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Columbus, IN.

Strengthened by service

November 11th is a day to honor veterans around the world for their bravery and service. On Veterans Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in countries around the world, we share our gratitude for the men and women who have dedicated their time, and many their lives, to protecting our freedom.

Cummins is proud to employ veterans who bring diverse skills and a spirit of service to our company and culture. It’s because of this bravery that we’re able to lead innovation in diverse power solutions to create a better world for our customers, our communities, and our environment. 

On behalf of the Cummins leadership team, I’d like to thank our veterans for the skills and experiences you bring to our team and the dedication you’ve shown through military service — we’re stronger because of it. As the proud father and nephew of Marines, I have the privilege of spending time with both active duty and veteran members of the military and am awed by their incredible sacrifice to ensure the security of our nation.  

Cummins is proud to be an official Military-Friendly Employer, dedicated to recruiting and retaining military personnel and implementing policies to support our employees who currently serve. We employ veterans across every business unit at Cummins. In fact, 10% of employees in both our Distribution and Turbo Technologies businesses, 17% of employees in technical roles, and more than 6% of total Cummins employees have self-identified veteran status. We want these numbers to continue to increase across the company, and we’re committed to making it happen.

As sponsor of the company's Veterans Employees Resource Group (VERG), I’m proud of the resources we offer to support military and veteran employees. As Cummins reflects on 100 years of innovation, we wouldn’t be here without the courage and selflessness of our veterans. Our progress, innovation, and breakthroughs are made possible by the support and service of our veterans every day. 

To our veterans, I want to reiterate our deep gratitude for your service, and for sharing your unique abilities and experiences with Cummins. To all employees, I would ask that you take the time to recognize our veterans who have given so much of themselves to their country and to Cummins. 

Thad Ewald - Cummins Inc

Thad Ewald

Thad Ewald is the Vice President of Corporate Strategy for Cummins. In this role, Thad oversees cross-functional efforts to define and develop the company’s strategic direction globally, including business development, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. He also leads the company’s fifth and newest business segment, Electrified Power, positioning Cummins to be the leading provider of electrified and hydrogen fuel cell power in commercial markets.

Nitisha Manchanda succeeds in leadership

Electronics & Controls Engineering Manager Nitsha Manchanda is diligently pushing the boundaries of innovation in the Cummins Electrified Power business segment as both a leader and a mentor. 

After earning her bachelor's degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in 2009, Nitisha began working as a Research and Development Engineer at an analytical instruments company called Scientech. She later moved to London and began working for Johnson Matthey Battery Systems, which was later acquired by Cummins. 

A solid routine leads to success. 

On her train ride to work every day Nitisha reads the news to keep herself up to date on company activity and prioritizes her work for the day ahead. At the office, Nitisha collaborates with several different functions, meets with suppliers in the UK and US, and focuses on managing her own team. 

"My willingness to listen and my ability to never lose patience have helped me succeed in management."

Inspiration keeps her coming back.

Jennifer Rumsey, Vice President and President - Components, stirred a feeling of energy and enthusiasm in Nitisha early in her career at Cummins. Sitting in her office, she distinctly remembers Jennifer sharing her background and successes. Nitisha was highly inspired when she saw Jennifer's superwoman presentation in India and knew at that moment Cummins was a place to work and grow.

Even though Nitisha would continue on with another company before coming back to work at Cummins, she knew the company's ethos and culture was something she wanted to surrounded by. 

"Cummins promotes thinking - it's easy to suggest a new idea. New ideas often take time in other companies, but at Cummins, we have a wide network."

The ease of access and availability of mentors make the opportunity for innovation a standard at Cummins. 

History in the making. 

Looking to the future, Nitisha is excited about the technology Cummins is developing. 

"I enjoy seeing projects go through different stages. The challenges are fun to work through, and there's something new and challenging every day."


Cummins has been the leader in diesel engine technology for 100 years and is now at the forefront of being the leader in electrified power systems. 

"Cummins is going to make it happen again and again - we can write history together. There's a lot of new learning opportunities and it is so interesting to be here."

Employees find support in Cummins' culture

Nitisha believes the culture at Cummins gives employees the feeling that leaders care about employees. She enjoys constructive feedback and appreciates a place where her ideas are listened to. 

"One of the things that made me want to be a part of this company was the culture - whenever you are enthusiastic about the work you do, you feel the energy."

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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Global Employer Brand Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Columbus, IN.

Parul Chadha Pursues Learning with Cummins

Growing up, Parul Chadha would break apart her toys just to put them back together. As she tells it, her career in engineering started with the goal of building a car. 

Parul's ambition led her to pursue a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in India, where her dreams became a reality. Upon graduation, she went on to work for General Electric (GE) where she was nominated for the prestigious Edison Engineering Development Program and traveled around the world to work on various engineering projects. 

"My interest in vehicles is what drove me to be in the electrified power field. It's so dynamic and fast-paced."

After a few years in the workforce, Parul decided to return to school to get her Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. During her studies, she had the opportunity to work on a group project for NASA's Mars Exploration Program. 

Chadha explores the future of electrification. 

After graduating with her Master's degree, Parul landed a job at Cummins as a Product Planning Analyst in Electrified Power, where she works to understand where the electric vehicle market is headed. In this role, she creates business plans that assess the compatibility of Cummins technology for different markets and recommends when technology should be adapted for them. 

Parul Chadha
Parul recognizes that demand is a key part of Cummins' business success. Customers must pull for the technology that Cummins is looking to push, and part of her job is to ensure the company is working to serve the needs of every market. 

In Cummins' mission to power a world that's always on, time is a valuable resource. To support that mission, Parul conducts technical assessments to ensure that Cummins is investing in the right markets at the right time. 

Mission-driven work cultivates innovation. 

Parul believes in Cummins' mission and says that her work is never dull. She's constantly intrigued by both the technical and non-technical aspects of her job. It's what drives her out of bed each morning - every day feels like a new challenge and a new adventure. 

"We're constantly innovating and working in new domains. We consider new problems through a variety of different perspectives."

Innovation is a common theme across all Cummins business units. As a startup, Cummins Electrified Power works to push the boundaries of innovation in new ways, and Parul has enjoyed being part of this new segment and watching it grow. 

"I feel empowered by Cummins - it's such a great place to be right now."

Parul feels inspired by Cummins' growth and its drive for innovation. It's no longer just an engine manufacturer - it's a full-scale power solutions provider. For the last 100 years, Cummins has evolved and continues to break new ground in new markets. 

"It's important to know that we have succeeded in 100 years of business and innovation. It makes the employees trust our leadership even more and believe in our mission."

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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Global Employer Brand Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Columbus, IN.

Bahar Konak looks to the future

Bahar Konak helps to define Cummins strategy in Electrification in hopes of making a positive impact on the world around her. Throughout her career, and in her current role as Electrification Strategy Leader at Cummins, she has always set out to make a difference for society. 

It all began with her desire to solve problems and help people.

Bahar completed her undergraduate degree in business administration from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. Immediately after college, her strong desire to help society led her to a position at the Turkish Treasury and Ministry of Economy, where she solved inefficiencies in government institutions, developed investment policies to attract more investment to the country, and facilitated economic development. She also helped small companies with their investment strategies and enjoyed being part of the decision-making process. 

The desire to learn more about business organizations led her to the United States in 2013 to pursue her Master of Business Administration degree, which she obtained from the University of Michigan in 2015. Her continued education helped her develop new skill sets, learn how to work in multi-cultural and cross-functional teams, and it enabled her to make a career switch into a strategic role at Cummins. 

Bahar's first experience at Cummins was during her internship with the Corporate Strategy team in 2014, and what struck her the most was the company's steadfast desire to make a difference in people's lives, just like herself. She was hired on full-time in September of 2015, first with Corporate Strategy, and is currently part of the company's Electrified Power team. Over the span of four years, Bahar has had a variety of opportunities and experiences while working for Cummins. 

"Strategy was a very new field for someone with my background, but I was up for the challenge. Cummins provided me the opportunity to work on projects where I can affect change both inside and outside of Cummins."

Electrified Power intrigued Bahar because it's a field where today's investments will shape the future of both Cummins and society. She was also drawn to the electrification space because of its long-term environmental benefit and the potential to make a real difference in people's lives. She is excited to work with a team that is committed to driving innovation every day with an unwavering desire to have a positive impact on the people around them.

She solves problems and drives investment decisions.

Bahar is responsible for supporting business leaders on determining Cummins' electrification business strategy and defining how to drive change in a quickly evolving industry. She works on identifying the markets that will benefit from this new technology and defining how Cummins can lead the way. For her, every day is a new adventure with the opportunity to learn something new. 

"Every project is like a puzzle with missing pieces. I help the leadership to complete the puzzle by filling the gaps and answering critical questions."

Bahar holds Cummins' values close. 

Aside from the work itself, what is more important for Bahar is the culture and support she finds at work every day. Coming from outside the industry, the technical aspects of the business were new to her, but she was able to learn quickly thanks to the knowledge and support of the people she works with. 

"When I was looking at potential employers, Cummins stood out to me because of their values. Most companies talk about their values, but what struck me about Cummins was that it felt real."

Bahar sought out a company that cared about its employees and valued diversity. Coming to Indiana, she didn't quite know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by the diverse group of individuals at Cummins and in Columbus, Indiana (HQ). She is proud fo work at Cummins, where people are committed to making a difference in each other's lives, invested in the growth of employees, and driven to pursue continuous innovation. 

"Being in an environment with a diverse culture has helped me understand different perspectives and grow personally and professionally."

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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Global Employer Brand Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Columbus, IN.

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