Cummins Careers Culture Series - Volume 3

Cummins sponsors over 100 Employee Resource Groups that help create the right environment for success at Cummins by promoting diversity, inclusion, and lending their unique perspectives to identify opportunities that can enhance our business success.

These groups are open to all employees and are organized around dimensions of diversity such as race, ethnicity, country of birth, gender, sexual orientation, as well as broader themes such as individuals with disabilities, veterans, and new employees. The groups also focus on providing important cultural and business environment information to ensure Cummins’ success.

This interview is part of a series of one-on-ones with members of our Women’s Resource Group, located in Southern Indiana. Chrysta is a VPI Program Leader based out of Cummins' Corporate Headquarters in Columbus, Indiana (US).

Chrysta Readle
Chrysta Readle


Q:          How did you discover Cummins and ultimately begin your career here?
A:          I have always been told I have a thought process & interest in different aspects of life that would make me a great engineer. Around my freshmen year of college, I did a tour of Ball Aerospace, and I think that sealed my fate. I found everything about designing, manufacturing, and deploying something like a space satellite so fascinating. When in line at a career fair to talk to Ball, Cummins caught my eye. I went to talk to the recruiter and immediately felt like it would be the right environment for me. It was more than the technology that captured my interest; as I listened to the recruiter, I could tell how Cummins valued not only technology & innovation but its employees as well. My first internship within Cummins Fuel Systems further solidified this. Cummins invested so much time and energy in me as an intern with training, events, and networking. It really spoke volumes to me. The longer I worked here, the more I found that their values, goals, and environment were a good fit for me.

Q:          Elaborate on how Cummins has affected your career.
A:           In one word: tremendously. As I mentioned before, I was always told I would be a great engineer. I always aspired to be a great one, but my career opportunities multiplied when I listened to the mentors and managers in my life. They saw potential in me to be something more, which is how I ended up in a program leader role. One of the best things about Cummins is mobility – regardless of past roles or experience, you have opportunities. Where you came from before doesn’t define your career here. Diversity in all areas is what is important at Cummins. No career path is “right.” You can come here as an engineer and retire as an engineer, or you can come as an engineer and retire as an HR manager, finance guru, or Business Segment director. My mentors really helped me see that I could use my engineering problem-solving skills to expand my horizons and develop my full potential.

"One of the best things about Cummins is mobility - regardless of past roles or experience, you have opportunities."

Q:          How do Cummins’ values align with your own? How are you given the opportunity to live your values at work?
A:          As I mentioned above, one of the primary reasons I chose Cummins was (and still is) its core values. Diversity & Inclusion are important to me both in searching for a company to work for as well as in my day to day life. Not only am I a woman in a male-dominated field, but I also strongly value different backgrounds, perspectives, and ways of thinking. I think it’s important to learn about your teammates and what makes them who they are in order to work better as a team. This is something you see every day at Cummins. Different people from all walks of life, all over the globe, all with a different story to tell working together, learning from one another, and respecting one another.

Caring and Integrity were also major values of Cummins that aligned with my own values. I have always wanted to execute anything I do with integrity and caring intent. Cummins’ Every Employee Every Community program is a prime example of how Cummins lives those values. I love the chance to give back to my community driven by the company I work for.


Q:          Are you involved with any Employee Resource Groups? How have those groups empowered you at Cummins?

A:           I am a member of the Women’s Employee Resource Group. One of my core values is giving back to my community and the Women’s Employee Resource Group has allowed me to plug into STEM, an area I am passionate about because of my engineering background. Through the committee I’m a member of, we have been able to plan and provide offsite activities for student ages 5-14 to engage in STEM. I have been able to assist branding with insight into new recruiting materials and work with women in our community who are trying to re-enter the workforce. It’s a fulfilling and empowering feeling to make that difference and see the change one group can make.

Q:          What makes you proud to work at Cummins?
A:          I was beyond proud when the new Parental Leave policy was announced last year. Not only is this such a great policy for new parents, but it’s so inclusive of men, women, and even covers adoption. It truly highlights how Cummins is willing to support its employees in every circumstance and do what is right. Who wouldn’t be proud to work for a company willing to make strides like this towards inclusion?

Q:          How has Cummins allowed you to live your values at work?

A:           The core values of the company (Integrity, Diversity & Inclusion, Caring, Excellence and Teamwork) resonate heavily with me and the way I approach my career.  These are core values that allow us to become an industry leader and develop the best solutions for our customers. These values are reinforced each day in every interaction with coworkers, team members, stakeholders, suppliers, and customers.  

Q:          How do you balance your personal life and professional life at Cummins? 
A:          Caring. Cummins cares and that means we care about you and what is going on in your life. Do you have to show up and do your job? Yes absolutely! But, because of the caring mentality, I can balance my outside obligations much more easily. When I need to leave early because of my dog’s vet appointment, my manager is understanding the same as when my co-worker must leave because her son is in the regional finals for wrestling. When managers instill trust in their employees and allow them to do their work, while still allowing them the flexibility to be there for the people and things in their life that matter the most, that truly exemplifies the meaning of caring.

Q:          What about your role at Cummins sparks passion for you?

A:           My current role as a program leader is very customer driven. How I am delivering to our customers has an impact on how they see Cummins as a whole. I must deliver on time and with integrity. This drives me to be a better employee and person as I strive for that level of excellence. It’s also pushed me to pursue other ways I can better myself such as enhancing my leadership and coaching skills, as well as learning more about parts of the company I wouldn’t have been interested in before as an engineer, such as purchasing or finance.

Q:          How has Cummins made you more passionate about technology and innovation?
A:          I was originally drawn to the technology & innovation of Cummins. I think I always saw the potential I could have at Cummins because of the level of innovation they strive for. The biggest difference for me is how my passion for technology has shifted because of my experience here at Cummins. Initially, I would have told you as an engineer impact innovation every day by coming up with new ways to test and measure our new components within Fuel Systems. Now that I'm in a role that is less technical than my previous roles, I can see how we all drive innovation and technology at Cummins. 

"You don't have to be an engineer to make a difference in what we're delivering to our customers. It takes a team of all kinds to deliver the technology we do every day."


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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Global Employer Brand Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Columbus, IN.

Jordan Loos Blends Innovation with Collaboration

Jordan Loos, Systems Engineer



Jordan Loos, Systems Engineer, is pushing the boundaries of electrified innovation in his role within Cummins Electrified Power business segment by collaborating across global teams. 

Collaboration has always been familiar to Loos. Whitewater rafting is a passion and hobby that extended from his parents to him -- his family's whitewater rafting business gave him firsthand experience working on a team.

Loos finds a path to Cummins. 

Jordan received his Bachelor's degree in physics with a minor in chemistry from Willamette University in Salem, OR. After completing his undergraduate degree, he moved on to earn a degree in engineering from Columbia University in New York. 

Loos' interest with battery technology started in college -- "Batteries on a cellular level have always been an interest for me, but seeing the end product is the most satisfying part," he says. His interest in batteries led him to accept a job at Brammo, a primarily low-voltage battery startup that was later acquired by Cummins in 2017. 

"100 years of innovation shows a real track record of how we do things. Cummins has great production facilities and great volumes of manufacturing."

Loos finds purpose in electrified power.

Recognizing that at Cummins, efficiency and safety are top priorities, Loos works hard developing Cummins' battery management systems (BMS), otherwise known as 'the brains' of the pack using modeling and algorithms. 

By implementing controls in the BMS that make it capable of monitoring, calculating, and reacting to key parameters, Jordan ensures the safety, functionality, and reliability of the battery pack. Loos' responsibilities include confirming the batteries function optimally by validating and testing them. Then, he turns his research over to documentation to create standards for how to verify the performance of the pack.

Loos feels the energy and pride that come with bringing Cummins' vision of electrification to life. For him, the team effort is key to the success of innovation in electrified power. He adds that working at Cummins has given him the opportunity to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds to find creative solutions to different challenges. 

"Everyone is enthusiastic about building this [electrification] business from the ground up."

Jordan believes in Cummins.

Loos says, "One thing that makes me excited to be a part of Cummins is the small team vibe in a big company setting. I love the resources and support Cummins has provided to the Electrified Power business." Even though Cummins is a global company with more than 58,000 employees, he feels it isn't like most global organizations -- "everyone goes the extra mile to get things done."

Cummins invests in Loos by providing him with opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills in the field. He has attended multiple conferences where he was able to meet with other engineers - both in his industry and in his company. Cummins gives opportunities to all employees to attend networking events and to take courses, which Loos has utilized already. 

"I'm looking forward to the future of my career with Cummins, but for now I'm taking it one step at a time."

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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Global Employer Brand Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Columbus, IN.

Rima Salve Makes her Mark in Electrification

Rima Salve, Power Electronics Systems Engineer

When it comes to career enthusiasm, you'll be hard pressed to find someone who's more excited about her prospects. She exudes pure energy as she talks about the future of Cummins - and how she's an integral part of it. 

Rima Salve, Power Electronics Sytems Engineer, rarely says something without punch and purpose, and this time is no exception. 

"I don't like cold places," Rima says, reflecting on her Cummins internship in Minneapolis. "But it was summertime, so it was perfect," she adds. "[My internship] was the first time I had an experience where I was working for someone, but they asked me what my expectations were. That was really something I liked."

This warm welcome at Cummins set the stage for Rima's professional development and upward mobility in the company.

Rima discovers an opportunity in every obstacle.

Moving from India to Indianapolis with a bachelor's degree under her belt, Rima obtained her master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from IUPUI in Indianapolis before heading to Minneapolis for her initial Cummins internship. That internship led to an official job in Columbus, Indiana - and an unforeseen obstacle. 

The visa that allowed her to study and work in the United States was about to run out. 

"Throughout the process, my manager and even his manager were all involved in checking on me. That was a big relief to know they were supporting me on that front."

Rima didn't get her visa renewed that year, but that didn't mean she would be left without the job she loved. For nine months, she worked for Cummins in India, and upon her return to Columbus, her job - and a new opportunity - awaited. 

Electrification changes the game

As an electrical engineer, Rima took notice when Cummins debuted Aeos, its first electrified truck. EPBU, the Electrified Power Business Unit, gained more traction and opened up yet another possibility for Rima's career growth. 

Her manager even encouraged her to consider a career change in this new division. With a lot of thought, she eventually made the decision to take on a new, challenging role in EPBU. 

"Our whole team is new. I like that everyone's learning together. It's chaotic, but it's 'nice' chaotic. It's really fun."

For Rima, the chaotic moments also come with benefits. She enjoys a sense of work-life balance, which allows her to find more free time to do what she loves. 

"I have a whole window of time available where I can pursue whatever I want," Rima says.

She can attend "meet and greets" with other Cummins professionals, receives training opportunities, and, perhaps, most importantly, cultivates friendships. 

Culture and career stability keep Rima moving.

Although her EPBU team and the challenges they face are new, the welcoming culture that drew Rima to Cummins in the first place is still here. No matter where her day takes her, fellow team members are always willing to lend a hand or provide guidance. 

"Anyone will take five or ten minutes of their time to help you," Rima says.

In part, it's this cooperative culture that pushes Rima forward, along with the knowledge that she's a valuable team member helping to push the limits of electrification; on the other, the potential for her work to make a positive, widespread impact on the future of power outweighs the unknown.

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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Global Employer Brand Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Columbus, IN.

Odaro Omusi Experiences Electrical Engineering Without Boundaries

Odaro Omusi, Electric Vehicle System Integration Specialist

The fluorescent light bounces off his plastic protective eyewear as he stands proudly on the shop floor, hands pocketed in his standard-issue Cummins jacket. The sprawling equipment and line of hybrid buses ready for maintenance seem to be calling to him. 

Odaro Omusi, Electric Vehicle System Integration Specialist, smiles like he's gazing fondly into the past. To be sure, he remembers the details vividly.

Odaro Omusi
Odaro Omusi, Electric Vehicle System Integration Specialist

"It's a place where, at any point in time, the lights might go out," Odaro says. 

Growing up in his hometown of Lagos, Nigeria's largest city and commercial hub, the lack of electrical infrastructure was always present. This context, paired with Omusi's interest in computers and engineering, became a catalyst for his curiosity. 

He remembers thinking, "I don't know how to fix the problems, but how can I be a part of trying to solve them?"

Odaro finds opportunities in education and beyond.

Odaro has no shortage of educational experience, to say the least. With two bachelor's degrees - one in electrical engineering and another in economics - plus a master's degree in electrical engineering, he quickly found an internship at Cummins.

"I really like working at Cummins because of the culture especially. I always got the sense that people actually cared about me trying to develop and grow."

This internship experience, he mentions, seemed to be different than his vision of what internships would include. Odaro definitely wasn't the stereotypical intern who grabbed coffee for coworkers. Instead, he was a key member of a helpful, diverse team.

"There's a huge emphasis on diversity at Cummins, which was really cool, just to see them be welcoming to everyone."

But Odaro wasn't just welcomed. He was constantly encouraged. He attended a "speed mentoring" event (think: speed dating but for professional development). Hosted by the Women's Employee Resource Grop, one of many employee resource groups at Cummins, the event led Odaro to meet his mentor, who in turn introduced him to a number of other team members. 

It was this collective effort from multiple mentors vested in Odaro's career growth that ultimately led him to his current role in the electrification space at Cummins. 

The future of electrified power looks bright.

After nearly five years at Cummins, Odaro is on the front lines of innovative change in the transportation industry, implementing new electric bus technology on a daily basis. And that's exactly where he wants to be.

"We could be talking about a complete revolution of transportation in the next few decades. Being part of that evolution is really exciting."

Odaro sees plenty of changes brewing in his future with Cummins, which excited him even more. The potential for growth, for innovation, for new possibilities in electrified power - there's a certain mystery about what's on the horizon. 

"It's growing and you're not sure exactly where it's going to go. But just the fact that it's growing is really exciting."

For Odaro, the great unknown is a fun place to explore.

What's so great about Cummins?

Looking back, Odaro remembers reading up on different companies when deciding where he wanted to apply. He had seen so many brochures, so many sheets of paper that seemed to promise the same bland experiences.

"The recruitment brochures from different companies all kind of look the same," he says. "As someone who's lived the Cummins experience, I can say that the experience does match what was talked about before I got here."

Whether it's the welcome culture, the hands-on experiences, or the thrill of taking part in an energy revolution, Odaro has never looked back. 

"At this point, you don't know where the ceiling is, and the bounds aren't fully known."

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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Global Employer Brand Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Columbus, IN.

Mentoring Month: John Judd

As we close National Mentoring Month, we want to thank each Cummins employee who took the time to share their mentoring experiences with everyone, and the employees that mentor every day throughout the company. Thank you for your dedication to our Values of Caring, Teamwork, Diversity and Inclusion, Excellence, and Integrity. 

John Judd, Plant Manager – Rocky Mount Engine Plant (RMEP), closes out the month sharing his mentoring experiences over his 30-year career with Cummins.

Q: Were you mentored at Cummins?

A: Yes. My career at Cummins started when I was very young, and I know I would not be in the leadership position I am today without the guidance and advice of numerous mentors. My most impactful mentors were Ken Anderson, Executive Director – Components Supply Chain and Kevin Aker, former Executive Director – Global Manufacturing Engineering (retired in 2017). Had it not been for these mentors, I would not have finished school or been prepared to perform the duties associated with my current role.

John Judd and Ralph Emerson.jpg

Q: Do you mentor at Cummins?

A:  Yes, I have formally and informally mentored throughout my career. I mentor and coach young adults in our community and mentor employees at RMEP. Currently, I am mentoring three employees at RMEP.


Q: Is mentoring important, and how long should a mentorship last?

A: Mentoring is important to get an honest perspective of yourself and to have a person to exchange ideas with, other than your boss. A mentor relationship is probably one year, then it becomes coaching opportunities after that.

Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Global Employer Brand Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Columbus, IN.

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