Cummins Careers Culture Series - August Edition



Cummins sponsors over 100 Employee Resource groups that help create the right environment for success at Cummins by promoting diversity, inclusion, and lending their unique perspectives to identify opportunities that can enhance our business success.


These groups are open to all employees and are organized around dimensions of diversity such as race, ethnicity, country of birth, gender, sexual orientation, as well as broader themes such as individuals with disabilities, veterans, and new employees. The groups also focus on providing important cultural and business environment information to ensure Cummins’ success.


This interview is the first in a series of one-on-ones with members of our Women’s Resource Group, located in Southern Indiana. Chaitanya S. is an IT Project Manager based out of Cummins’ Corporate Headquarters in Columbus, Indiana.


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Q:        Tell me a little about your path to Cummins and why you chose a career with the company.

A:        My husband joined Cummins in February of 2007 after earning his master’s degree from the University of Kentucky. I relocated to Columbus after getting married in April of 2013. After moving to the area, I came to learn more about Cummins through my husband and friends; specifically, I learned of the various opportunities for growth and development the company provides its employees, as well as the various programs that Cummins offers.

After learning more about Cummins’ company culture, I knew it would be a great fit for me. I began seeking a career with Cummins and was recruited as a Senior BA in Corporate IT/Finance in 2017.


Q:        How did you become familiar with, and ultimately join our Women’s Employee Resource Group?

A:        During Onboarding, I had the opportunity to learn about Cummins’ core values – one of which is Diversity & Inclusion – as well as employee-led groups that are often defined around some common characteristics between employees (such as ethnicity, culture, gender, etc.). I love to learn about people and their various backgrounds, so I was excited to get involved in the various Employee Resource Groups available to all employees.

When the Women’s Resource Group (WRG) was mentioned, I didn’t think twice about joining. It was interesting to me to learn about the various sub-committees within WRG that carry different objectives. My interests closely aligned with the Recruiting and Branding team, so I began to actively participate in various projects and work collaboratively with various functions across Cummins, to bring more awareness to WRG and its exciting work alongside my day-to-day function.


Q:        How did you become involved with Cummins’ Emergency Response Team?


A:        Cummins’ Emergency Response Team (ERT) is an in-house volunteer group established to effectively and efficiently handle all emergencies at Cummins. The group strives to provide safety and protection for all employees, contractors, visitors, and Cummins’ sites. I enjoy being able to help my peers and Cummins’ commitment to employee safety resonated with me, so I decided to volunteer to support the group and its efforts.


Q:        How does your involvement with the Women’s Resource Group and the Emergency Response Team relate to one another? Do you find it difficult to be part of multiple efforts?

A:        Both the Emergency Response Team and the Women’s Resource Group offer great opportunities to network with other employees, as well as the opportunity to better processes and procedures for all employees at Cummins. It’s awesome to be part of such great work from both groups.

Both groups provide me the opportunity to be involved beyond my desk, but also allow flexibility to prioritize different things. Cummins offers a very collaborative environment, which empowers women like me to contribute to things beyond my day-to-day work.

Q:        What’s the most rewarding part of being a part of groups like WRG and ERT?

A:        It’s an honor to be a part of both groups; I have the opportunity to empower women in my community as well as fellow employees at Cummins and the opportunity to educate others on the importance of safety both in casual and emergent situations. My unique experiences in both groups have provided me with knowledge and understanding that I may not have received otherwise.


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Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Global Employer Brand Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Indiana University. She currently resides in Columbus, IN.

Cummins Celebrates National Women in Engineering Day

Cummins National Women in Engineering Day 2015

On National Women in Engineering Day, held June 23 in the United Kingdom, employees from Cummins Power Generation (CPG) stayed busy by working across sites in Kent, Peterborough and Stamford, England in support of the Cummins Women in Technology (CWiT) forum, an initiative championed by Cummins’ Chief Technical Officer, John Wall. Their aim? To encourage careers in STEM and promote opportunities for women in engineering.

“The work we are doing with CWiT to promote and encourage Customer_Engineering02-lpr (00000002)engineering as a viable and profitable career, particularly to females who are under-represented in science based careers, is crucial not only to the success of Cummins but to the engineering profession,” said Lowell Siewert - Chief Engineer Cummins Power Generation. “CWiT enables us to take the focus beyond diversity to inclusion for existing and future employees by introducing the engineering opportunity to our employees of tomorrow.”

Leading up to the day - which is celebrated every year in the UK as a way to raise the profile and celebrate the achievements of women in engineering - a team of dedicated Cummins volunteers, including leaders in technology, engineering, human resources, local affinity groups and community involvement teams, worked together on developing ideas in partnership with education and society to attract female technical talent. Then, on National Women in Engineering Day, Cummins employees volunteered at several event stands that were deployed at company facilities, handing out materials about women in engineering. Additional events were held to raise awareness of the CWit and recruit talent.

img_0442 CWiT Team at SWE Conference in Amsterdam


To further support CWiT, a six-person team from Cummins headed to the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) inaugural international conference held May 7-8 in Amsterdam. The event featured two days of professional development, international industry collaboration and plenty of opportunities to forge new connections. SWE Europe hosted 190 registrants from 24 countries, and attendees participated in 40 educational sessions on topics such as early-career management; inclusion and cultural awareness; innovation and disruptions; and career transitions. Cummins is a corporate partner of SWE.

“I came away inspired as always from meeting the talented female speakers and delegates,” said Laura Malone, Product Planning Graduate – Cummins Generators Technologies. “One of the key messages I took away was about ‘personal branding’. We all have different talents that can be showcased through effective personal branding, we should utilize and promote them to our colleagues and be proud of the diversity we can bring to any team.”

About National Women in Engineering Day

National Women in Engineering Day was set up by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) to celebrate its 95th anniversary. The idea behind National Women in Engineer Day is to encourage all groups (Governmental, educational, corporate, Professional Engineering Institutions, individuals and other organizations) to organize their own events in support of the day.

For more information, visit

Katherine Vujovich

Katherine Vujovich is a Communication Specialist for Cummins Inc. with a focus on Human Resources communications. Prior to joining Cummins in 2011, she worked for the Chicago White Sox. Katherine is a graduate of Indiana University and lives in Indianapolis.

Cummins Officially Opens in Angola

Antonio Leitao, Vice President - Power Products; Ron Somerville, Executive Director - Africa Distribution Business Unit; Christopher Mc Mullen, U.S. Ambassador in Angola and Rui Fernandes, General Manager - Cummins Angola, celebrate the opening of Cummins Angola Lda.

On Nov. 15, Cummins officially opened its Cummins Angola operations. The project is a joint venture partnership with Angolan ProjectNet, which is led by CEO Jorge Jover.Located in Viana Industrial Park outside the capital city Luanda, Cummins Angola currently occupies 1,000-square meters of office and parts outlet space, as well as 1,750-square meters of warehousing.   Cummins is working closely with the Angolan government to maximize the Private Public Partnership Framework to invest in the energy sector. “We believe this will support skills development and create new jobs for Angolans while addressing the growing demand for power,” said Satish Jayaram, Director – Cummins Power Generation Africa.

Jon Mills

Jon Mills

Jon Mills is the Director of External Communications at Cummins Inc. Jon brings more than 16 years of communications focusing primarily on public and media relations. Jon has served as the primary external communications contact and spokesperson for a variety of companies including Wellpoint, IU Health, Planned Parenthood. His career has also included stints on Capitol Hill, state level lobbying, talk radio and political campaigns. During his tenure, Jon has also played a leadership role in communicating and messaging around several crises, including one that attracted national attention when lives were lost at a large downtown Indianapolis hospital. Jon is a native Hoosier and resides with his family in Indianapolis.

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