An Important Message from Tom Linebarger

Cummins CEO Tom Linebarger offers an important message.

Editor's note: We invite you to click on the image above to view the full-page ad that Cummins is running in the Jan. 18-26 edition of the Indianapolis Business Journal. The ad contains an excerpt from Cummins Chairman and CEO Tom Linebarger's 2015 year-end letter to all employees, highlighting Cummins' commitment to its core values such as integrity, diversity and global-involvement. 

In addition, the following Op Ed was recently published in several publications, including The Indianapolis Star, The Tennessean, and The Post and Courier. We believe that we have a moral obligation to stand up and speak out when we see and hear discrimination and intolerance against any group, anywhere in the world.


At Cummins, we believe that when we see discrimination and intolerance toward our colleagues, friends and neighbors, we owe it to ourselves, our communities and each other to stand up and say something.

Discrimination and intolerance have no place in our company, in our communities or in our country.  Today, divisive rhetoric that isolates minority groups is undermining our ability to see the commonalities we share and inhibiting our efforts to improve our communities.

Cummins IBJ Ad - InstagramIt is wrong to use fear of those who are different to further enshrine discrimination against individuals for political purposes.  For example, incendiary and discriminatory language is being aimed at those who are Muslim.  Just securing basic human rights for our LGBT citizens has become a major culture war in several states.  For African-Americans this is a particularly troubling time.  While racism still exists in America today, what has happened in Ferguson, MO., Chicago, IL, and a number of other cities feels different. The level of mistrust between those who are charged to protect and serve and African-Americans has created a toxic environment.  People are making incorrect assumptions about individuals because of the color of their skin or the fact they hold a badge.  And we will not stop this cycle of fear and mistrust without everyone working together to put their assumptions aside and tackle the real issues of poverty, opportunity and education that are facing us as a country.

Cummins has for decades advocated for those who have been marginalized or oppressed. We supported Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in the organization of the March on Washington in 1963. We stood up against apartheid in South Africa in the 1980s by withdrawing our business from the country. We opposed measures to ban gay marriage in several states, and we are currently working to advocate for a comprehensive non-discrimination statute in Indiana.  Why?  Because at Cummins we believe that no company can be successful over the long run unless the communities in which we operate are also strong and successful.

As we celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I am asking all of you who share our values to speak up when you see or hear discrimination and intolerance. We must be clear that we are not okay with discrimination against our friends, neighbors and colleagues. They are contrary to our values and contrary to the ideals that built this country of immigrants.

For those of us who are committed to the principles of diversity and social justice, it is our duty to stand up and be heard.  Let’s speak up for those who need a voice and make our communities stronger and more inclusive.

- Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO, Cummins Inc. 

Jon Mills

Jon Mills

Jon Mills is the Director of External Communications at Cummins Inc. Jon brings more than 16 years of communications focusing primarily on public and media relations. Jon has served as the primary external communications contact and spokesperson for a variety of companies including Wellpoint, IU Health, Planned Parenthood. His career has also included stints on Capitol Hill, state level lobbying, talk radio and political campaigns. During his tenure, Jon has also played a leadership role in communicating and messaging around several crises, including one that attracted national attention when lives were lost at a large downtown Indianapolis hospital. Jon is a native Hoosier and resides with his family in Indianapolis.

GILLIG and Cummins Celebrate Electrified Power Partnership

Early this month, GILLIG LLC and Cummins announced a new electrified power partnership at the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) show in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). The technical collaboration work focuses on integrating and optimizing new battery electric technology offered by Cummins that will soon power GILLIG zero-emissions transit buses. GILLIG is the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses in the United States.

Gillig - Electrified Bus.small_.jpg

“GILLIG has a very strong business relationship with Cummins, and now, with our new technical partnership, we have been able to share our respective technology roadmaps and jointly develop a vision to deliver the most comprehensive, advanced technology battery-electric bus in the market for our customers,” said Derek Maunus, President of GILLIG.

“We have leveraged our companies’ decades of heavy-duty transit experience in the design of the system, and will integrate this advanced technology into GILLIG’s industry-leading proven platform,” added Maunus. 

Amy Boerger, Cummins Vice President — Sales North America commented, “The Cummins electrified powertrain displayed here represents a major leap forward for the industry, and we are delighted that GILLIG will have first access to this important zero-emissions technology. The partnership enables a close technical collaboration so we can accelerate system integration and performance optimization work to leap ahead of others in the industry.” 

Initial development work for the new battery electric GILLIG bus plans for a 200-mile operating range on a single charge. The bus will feature a direct-drive traction motor with peak torque of 3,500 Nm (2582 pound-foot), and utilize energy recovered from a regenerative braking system. A package of e-accessories will be powered by the Cummins system. The initial bus deployment will use a plug-in charger. 

“Beyond the technical development work, the partnership will also encompass the full range of 24/7 service support, diagnostics, over-the-air connectivity, flexible warranty plans and training programs ready for when these GILLIG electric buses enter service,” said Boerger. 

“At Cummins, we see our customer support network equally as important as the technology we offer, and it will be a distinct advantage for us when we introduce electrified systems,” added Boerger. 

Cummins currently powers the GILLIG series of Low Floor, BRT, BRTPlus, Commuter and Trolley buses with a broad portfolio of clean-diesel, near-zero natural gas and diesel-hybrid power. The addition of Cummins electrified power systems to the bus range will align with transit customers looking to introduce zero-emissions buses to their fleets while still maintaining commonality with their existing GILLIG vehicles and service support provision.

“Cummins and GILLIG have been working together since the 1950s to introduce innovative bus power solutions — and I am really excited to be continuing that success forward into the new era of electric buses,” noted Maunus. 

Lauren Cole

Lauren is the Global Employer Brand Digital Communications Specialist for Cummins Inc, where she focuses on social media, employer branding, and digital media. Lauren joined the company in early 2017 while working on a B.S. in Marketing & Communications from Indiana University. She currently resides in Columbus, IN.

Cummins CEO says company positioned for success at Annual Meeting

Cummins CEO Tom Linebarger addresses the company's Annual Meeting in Indianapolis.
Cummins CEO Tom Linebarger addresses the company's Annual Meeting in Indianapolis.

Chairman and CEO Tom Linebarger pronounced 2017 a success and said Cummins is well positioned for the future at the company’s Annual Meeting today in Indianapolis, Indiana (U.S.A.).

“Looking ahead, we are confident that the investments we made in our people, our products and services in 2017 will ensure that the company continues to help our customers win in their markets and create long-term value for our shareholders,” Linebarger said at the meeting at the company’s Distribution Business headquarters.

“We were able to grow profitably and generate record operating cash flow while investing in new products and technologies, new partnerships and positioning for the future,” he added.

Linebarger said 2017 was the first year of broadly improving markets since 2012. Full year revenues were a record $20.4 billion – a 17 percent increase over 2016. Revenues increased 15 percent in North America and 19 percent internationally.

Cummins Indianapolis Distribution Headquarters
The 2018 Annual Meeting was held in Indianapolis at the Cummins Distribution Headquarters (pictured here). 

Excluding charges related to U.S. tax reform, Earnings Before Interest and Taxes for 2017 was 2.4 billion or 12.2 percent of sales compared to $2 billion or 11.4 percent of sales in 2016.

He said an improving focus on Cummins’ core business should prepare the company for future success, including:

*Strengthening the company’s market positions with the launch of innovative new products across markets and around the world.

*Improved customer support through the company’s Distribution Business, which is now organized to better serve customers.

*Reduced costs and improved productivity at every operation in the world.

*New processes and methods to improve product quality at launch and in the field.

This year’s Annual Meeting was held in Indianapolis because the Corporate Office Building in Columbus, Indiana, including the Board Room, was under renovation.

blair claflin director of sustainability communications

Blair Claflin

Blair Claflin is the Director of Sustainability Communications for Cummins Inc. Blair joined the Company in 2008 as the Diversity Communications Director. Blair comes from a newspaper background. He worked previously for the Indianapolis Star (2002-2008) and for the Des Moines Register (1997-2002) prior to that. [email protected]

Cummins TEC Program Launches in Brazil

Rogéria Varella Almeida, coordinator of FAETEC, the educational institution that supports Cummins TEC, addresses a ceremony to celebrate the start of the initiative.
Rogéria Varella Almeida, coordinator of FAETEC, the educational institution that supports Cummins TEC, addresses a ceremony to celebrate the start of the initiative.

Cummins’ global strategic community initiative, Cummins TEC: Technical Education for Communities, recently expanded into a new country with the inauguration of a TEC site in Brazil.

First launched in 2012, Cummins TEC targets the technical skills gap around the world through local vocational education programs. In Brazil, Cummins is partnering with French multinational energy management and automation company Schneider Electric to bring the program to the Foundation for the Support of Technical Schools (FAETEC), along with support from the state government.
“The TEC program was created from the need to raise the opportunities of low-income youth for the labor market, and also to fill the gap of skilled labor,” said Luis Pasquotto, president of Cummins Brazil, speaking at a ceremony April 20 to celebrate the initiative. “It is a program of global importance. We are proud to inaugurate it here in Brazil.”

TEC Classroom in Brazil
A Cummins TEC classroom is ready for the new initiative in Brazil.

Mary Titsworth Chandler, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Cummins and Chief Executive Officer of the Cummins Foundation, said the mission of corporate responsibility at the company is to “build prosperous communities.”

“Cummins TEC aims to help employers fill jobs that pay good wages by teaching students the technical skills needed to be successful in those jobs,” she said. “Cummins looks forward to working with our Cummins TEC partners in Brazil.”
Cummins TEC is built on a five-element framework that helps education partners deliver effective, market-relevant curriculum, teacher training, guidance counseling and the practical experience students need. It is the company’s first global strategic community initiative and today operates in 14 countries around the world at 22 sites.
“For us at Schneider Electric it is fundamental to contribute to initiatives like Cummins TEC, which is totally aligned with our company’s mission,” said Cleber Morais, president of Schneider Electric for Brazil. “Causes like these generate positive social impacts by preparing a growing number of youngsters to enter the labor market.”
Thirty students have been selected for the first class in Rio de Janeiro through a public examination conducted by FAETEC, whose Vice President Miguel Badeneso, also attended the ceremony. The TEC program will take three years.

blair claflin director of sustainability communications

Blair Claflin

Blair Claflin is the Director of Sustainability Communications for Cummins Inc. Blair joined the Company in 2008 as the Diversity Communications Director. Blair comes from a newspaper background. He worked previously for the Indianapolis Star (2002-2008) and for the Des Moines Register (1997-2002) prior to that. [email protected]

Cummins puts Electrification Progress on Display

Cummins displayed an electric system for bus applications at the Busworld show in Izmir, Turkey.
Cummins displayed an electric system for bus applications at the Busworld show in Izmir, Turkey.

Cummins is moving quickly to develop the company’s new electrification business, displaying technologies it’s working on at trade shows this month in Paris and Izmir, Turkey.

The company’s Electrified Power business unveiled an electric system for city bus, shuttle and intercity bus applications at Busworld in Izmir, Turkey, last week (April 19-21). And the business is displaying its first electrified off-highway powertrain concept suitable for cranes, excavators and wheeled loaders at Intermat in Paris through Saturday (April 23-28).

Both could potentially deliver zero emissions technology to customers on a broad scale before the end of the decade or sooner.

“With our recent acquisitions of Brammo and Johnson Matthey Battery Systems (two battery companies), we are building capability across the entire range of electric storage,” said Julie Furber, Executive Director, Cummins Electrified Power. “We want to be as transparent as we can about where we’re headed so customers can see what’s coming and think about the Cummins technology that will work best for them.”

Cummins believes there is no single answer to the world’s power needs. Instead, the company wants to offer customers a range of technologies to help them succeed while addressing global needs such as reducing greenhouse gases.    

The displays at Busworld in Turkey and Intermat in France are merely the latest signs Cummins is determined to be the electrification leader in every market it serves. Less than a year ago the company unveiled AEOS, a fully electric, heavy-duty demonstration truck Cummins is using to study electrification. And it’s been less than six months since the company announced it was starting its Electrified Power business.

AEOS - Cummins heavy duty electric concept truck
Cummins' all-electric demonstration truck AEOS will help the company study electrification.

“We’re moving quickly, but we have a big advantage in that Cummins has been working on electrification for more than a decade,” Furber said. “We’ve manufactured hybrids like diesel-electric engines. We’ve brought to market engines using stop-start technology. So that gives us a significant head start compared to smaller companies without much experience scaling up a new product.”

Cummins has pledged to have an all-electric powertrain for the urban bus market by 2019, and off-highway applications will follow at a later date.


The system that was on display at Busworld is configurable for either a full battery electric vehicle (BEV) or a range-extended electric vehicle (REEV), incorporating an engine-generator with a battery pack.

It uses a new Cummins 74-kWh battery pack with more space-efficient packaging, enabling easier bus integration with a format expandable to eight batteries. That would provide an operating range of up to 385 km (240 miles) on a single charge.
The Cummins designed and built batteries achieve a higher energy density and use a proprietary control technology to maintain battery charging for a longer range. Operational flexibility is provided with an integral plug-in connection for overnight or route-end charging, and options for on-route charging where the proper infrastructure exists.

“Our BEV and REEV electric architecture was designed to be fully adaptable for today’s diesel bus models,” said Cenk Yavuz, Cummins Territory Leader in Turkey. “This allows transport authorities to specify the same buses that work so well for them today with an electric system.”  



Cummins is using virtual reality to demonstrate its first electrified off-highway powertrain concept at Intermat. Visitors will see how REEV would power a wheeled loader, used for excavating and carrying bulky material. The loader could be charged overnight, allowing two hours of operation per 35 kWh battery. More batteries would be required for longer zero emission operation.

REEV offers a balance of battery power with a compact engine-generator.  It has an F3.8 Stage V powered generator, giving much more flexibility where charging infrastructure is not available. Cummins’ BEV system is intended for the most environmentally challenged locations, suitable for applications such as drills, underground mine trucks and terminal tractors.

“Cummins is developing a portfolio of alternative power for the industrial market, including full electric and range extending electric drivelines,” Furber said. “These complement our Stage V clean diesels and enable us to offer the best solutions for our customers, whatever their needs.”


blair claflin director of sustainability communications

Blair Claflin

Blair Claflin is the Director of Sustainability Communications for Cummins Inc. Blair joined the Company in 2008 as the Diversity Communications Director. Blair comes from a newspaper background. He worked previously for the Indianapolis Star (2002-2008) and for the Des Moines Register (1997-2002) prior to that. [email protected]

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