Webasto Heating Systems

Your Truck Heating Solutions Start with Cummins

For over a century, Webasto has continued to set new technological standards for comfort solutions making Webasto the choice for air and engine heaters. Air heaters are tested and proven to provide commercial trucks with consistent interior heat and engine pre-heat, even in extremely cold conditions. Drivers worldwide choose Webasto, let Cummins quote you on a heater solution today!


In-Cab Comfort with Air Heaters
Webasto air heaters keep drivers warm without idling and provide unmatched fuel efficiency. The fuel savings add up quickly, providing a fast return on investment - heat the bunk area for up to 22 hours using as little as 1 gallon of fuel.

  • Quiet operation allows drivers to rest more comfortably by providing consistent engine-off heat
  • High heat output in a compact design
  • Fast return on investment
  • Environmentally cleaner & require less maintenance than other options
  • Programmable heater start time is available with the SmarTemp Control 2.0 controller

Pre-heat Engines with Coolant Heaters
Eliminate cold starts by pre-heating the engine and let the coolant heater get to work, before you do.

  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Eliminate cold starts
  • Provide engine pre-heat, reduce engine wear and tear

Reduced Idling Can Save Thousands of Dollars in Fuel and Maintenance Costs!

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