DPF Cleaning

Leading the Industry in DPF Cleaning Technology

Cummins Sales and Service offers state-of-the-art cleaning solutions for your diesel particulate filter incorporating pneumatic cleaning, testing and thermal regeneration equipment. Our process includes inspection, air flow testing, Level 1 or Level 2 cleaning, specialized cleaning if required and filter baking. We provide Level 1 and Level 2 machines to customize your filter cleaning needs. These services are also available for CAT, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, Power Stroke and Mack DPF’s.

  • Level 1 Cleaning: FSX TrapBlaster 7 Pneumatic
  • Level 2 Cleaning: FSX TrapBurner 7 Thermal

Level 1 Cleaning:

The FSX TrapBlaster 7 Pneumatic cleaner, with its patent-pending technology, utilizes two air knives to remove 94% of the ash from your DPF. The FSX Baseline Standards program creates a set of statistically created measurements to ensure the cleaning process meets industry standards.

Level 2 Cleaning:

The TrapBurner 7 Thermal cleaner provides a programmed, regulated thermal regeneration for troublesome filters without causing cracking or damage.

DPF Exchange Program:

If you have 2010 or newer technology participate in our DPF Exchange program. This program provides low cost, high quality Genuine Cummins remanufactured filters with the same quality, performance and reliability as new filters.

Service Conditions:

Shipping and handling charges apply for DPF brick as well as removal and install. All items must be transported in Cummins approved packaging. Cummins will not be held liable for items shipped in non-approved packaging. Cummins approved reusable cartons can be purchased at any location. Contact your nearest service center for more information.

Recommended Maintenance Intervals:

For better performance and life of the DPF brick, DPF should be serviced every 200,000 miles to avoid downtime and potential costly replacements.

Schedule an appointment online or contact your nearest Cummins Sales and Service location or learn more about DPF cleaning.

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