Home Standby Generators

How to buy your home generator online

If you prefer to arrange your home generator installation yourself through a trusted electrical contractor, you can purchase a Cummins home generator from reliable online retailers.

Order your home generator online


Step 1: Determine your home generator power needs

You can use our online home generator sizing calculator to estimate your needs, or consult with a qualified electrical contractor.


Step 2: Shop for your home generator online

Have you determined your backup power needs, preferred fuel type, and scouted a location for installation? You may be ready to shop online. 

These retailers offer Cummins Home Generators online:


Step 3: Installation

Your generator will be shipped to you for proper installation. Generators must be installed by a qualified professional.

Typical home generator installation steps

installed home standby generator

  1. Your installer will place an automatic transfer switch, a device that connects your home's electrical system to incoming power and can automatically change sources when needed.
  2. Your new generator is installed outside your home in the location determined by you and your qualified installer.
  3. The generator is connected to the transfer switch according to code.
  4. Your existing fuel source (natural gas or propane lines) are connected to the generator.
  5. Your Cummins home standby generator stands ready to keep your home powered in the event of an outage.

The above describes a typical installation; however, every situation is unique.

The most important thing to remember is safety. Installing a standby generator requires a qualified professional and compliance to various codes (national, state and local). 

Prefer to buy through a local dealer?

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