x2.5 q range generator product

X2.5 Q Range

Frequency (Hz) 50
Certification CE, UKCA
Rated for kW kVA
Standby 13-22 17-28
Prime 12-20 15-25


Agriculture Commercial Industrial Construction Healthcare Prime Power Residential Home Standby Small Business Standby Standby Power


This Cummins commercial generator set is a fully integrated power generation system, providing optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for Stationary Standby and Prime Power applications.  

What makes the X2.5 special

With a footprint of just 1.6 m2, the Cummins X2.5 range is as compact as it is robust. The optimized dimensions mean low weight for its power output, saving on your transportation costs. And the X2.5 range is designed to be stackable, delivering easier storage and lower warehousing costs.

Cummins has designed, engineered and manufactured the new Cummins X2.5, ready for anything. Built in Europe to fully support its customers and their power needs.

Backed by powerful support

We start supporting you as soon as you contact us, with a Cummins expert dedicated to you and technical support all the way. Behind the X2.5 is a dedicated European sales team meaning faster delivery and greater availability to support your power needs.

Engine X2.5-G1: 4 cycle, In-line, 3 cylinder diesel, naturally aspirated 
Bore 91.4mm
Stroke 127mm
Displacement 2.5 l
Cylinder block Alloy cast iron, in-line, 3 cylinder 
Starting voltage 12 Volts DC
Fuel system Direct Injection
Standard cooling system 50 ºC ambient radiator with coolant recovery system
Alternator Stamford S series, Brushless, 4 pole, single bearing, revolving field 
Controller PS0600, microprocessor-based, provides enhanced reliability and performance 
Battery capacity 75Ah
Fuel tank 55 l
Sound power level – LwA (enclosed) Measured: 94 dB(A)
Guaranteed: 96 dB(A)
Generator Model Hz Prime kVA / kW Standby kVA / kW Title
C17D5Q 50 15 / 12 17 / 13 X2.5 Q Range
C22D5Q 50 20 / 16 22 / 18 X2.5 Q Range
C28D5Q 50 25 / 20 28 / 22 X2.5 Q Range
  • Engine: Rugged 4 cycle industrial diesel X series delivers reliable power and fast response to load changes
  • Alternator: Stamford S series Class H with low reactance 2/3 pitch windings
  • Controller: PS0600: simple operator interface with manual and remote start/stop control and shutdown fault indication
  • Open and Enclosed: Versions available
  • Performance (LAT): Designed to work at high ambient temperature without derate
  • Fuel tank: 55 l with 110% spillage catchment guaranteeing up to 16h at 75% PRP*
    • *See product sheet for specific model autonomy
  • Emissions compliance: Unregulated
  • Smaller and lighter: Improved power to weight ratio with excellent efficiency
  • Lifting and logistics: Optimized handling and storage needs with potential stackability
  • Sound attenuated: Quiet in operation and fully CE and UCKA compliant
  • Paint: Enhanced APNR painting system
  • Optimized subsystems: Very simple to operate
  • Battery: Flooded/SLI technology battery
  • Battery charger: Included as standard equipment to ensure engine is always ready to start
  • Coolant heater: Included as standard equipment to ensure engine start during low ambient temperatures 
  • Easy to maintain: Easy service. Get it back in service faster, reducing downtime to a minimum
  • Cummins reliability: 
    • Performance you can depend on even at high altitudes and extreme temperatures
    • Extended coverage is available on the comprehensive worldwide warranty

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