Tier 4 Certified Generator Sets

Only Cummins has a wide range of EPA Tier 4-certified stationary and mobile prime generator sets to provide critical protection in virtually any power generation application. With power nodes ranging from 60 to 2,750 kW, Cummins generator sets offer the highest possible emissions reductions. As a result, our products afford you total operational flexibility, whether you require emergency backup assurance or choose to operate in non-emergency scenarios.

We're Tier 4 Certified

Model Engine Standby Rating (kW) Prime Rating (kW) Frequency (Hz)
C70 D2RE QSB5 70 63 60
C100 D2RE QSB5 100 90 60
C150 D2RE QSB7 150 135 60
C200 D2RE QSB7 200 180 60
C275 D2RE QSL9 275 250 60
DQFAH QST30 1000 900 60
DQGAS QSK50 1500 1365 60
DQKAM QSK60 2250 1825 60
DQLH QSK78 2750 2500 60

Power Has Never Been So Clean

A leader in emissions reduction, Cummins has pioneered a number of engine and aftertreatment technologies that meet and exceed the EPA’s Tier 4 emissions standards. For generator sets of 1,000 kW and greater, we developed selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology using diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to achieve the power industry’s most complete line of EPA-certified Tier 4 high-horsepower gensets.

Stationary generator sets operated in regions governed by a local environmental review board may be subject to even stricter emissions regulations. Many of these areas, known as non-attainment zones, have enacted clean air requirements that adhere to the EPA’s Tier 4 standard, effective in 2015. For these stringent applications, Cummins provides Tier 4 certified gensets that reduce the exhaust constituents to the industry’s lowest emissions standard.

Certification Enables Unlimited Non-Emergency Use

As of January 1, 2015, any new installation of a stationary generator set intended for use in non-emergency operation must be EPA-certified for Tier 4 standards. Unlike products certified only to the stationary emergency emissions levels, which allows for only emergency standby power use, the Tier 4 standards enable genset owners to operate as they see fit for any non-emergency purpose.

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