Tier 4 Applications

Although the EPA’s Tier 4 standard has been effective since January 2015, many large stationary generator set (genset) owners and specifiers are not clear on its implications. Since many of these owners operate in industries where critical backup protection and non-emergency uses are both viable options, knowing which applications are allowable by the EPA Tier 4 standard is imperative.

Data Centers

While reliable backup power is an absolute necessity, most data center operators prefer having the option to run their large stationary gensets for storm avoidance and prime power applications, too. Operating during these non-emergency scenarios is the only way to ensure that large volumes of information and communications remain available regardless of the circumstances. If you’re a data center operator who seeks total operational flexibility with your standby power, then Cummins offers EPA-certified Tier 4 products in a variety of power nodes to meet your specific requirements.

Data center operators are also very environmentally conscious, and often seek the best available technologies (BAT) for reducing emissions. In addition, many large data centers are located in some of the country’s most densely populated — and most polluted — regions that enforce even stricter emissions standards. For both of these cases, Cummins has Tier 4-certified products that meet the strict “final” requirements of the Tier 4 standard, offering the very latest in clean air technologies.

Water and Wastewater Utilities

Reliable backup power during loss of utility power is a critical priority for water and wastewater plants. And while some of the more remote treatment plants are subject to less reliable grid access, most could benefit from the flexibility to operate extended run times for high-demand, peak power periods. In addition, some may seek arrangements with local power utilities to operate during peak hours to achieve curtailment rates. Regardless, it’s important for large stationary genset owners to know that only EPA-certified Tier 4 gensets can be operated for applications other than emergency standby power.


Due to the urgent nature of their work, hospitals and health care providers require the most reliable emergency backup power. Although Tier 4 certification is not required for emergency use, hospitals that seek additional protection — from things like storm avoidance or anticipation of grid disruptions — cannot operate outside of emergency standards unless they opt for a Tier 4-certified genset. And for those hospitals that operate in local non-attainment zones, even their emergency use may be subject to more stringent clean air standards. The only way to ensure that you will adhere to both the EPA and local emissions requirements, for today and tomorrow’s critical power applications, is to choose a Cummins Tier 4-certified genset.

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