Tier 4 Final for Rental Generators

Cummins is the only rental provider in the power industry that designs and manufactures a wide range of truly integrated products – from engines and alternators to genset controllers and sophisticated paralleling equipment. And, our world-class aftermarket support and distribution network provides the comprehensive global service that our customers have come to depend on.

A legacy of power generation expertise

With a rich history of innovation, Cummins has provided our global customers the power they need to be successful for nearly a century. From a hospital in Qatar, where standby power ensures that patient care is uninterrupted, to water and wastewater plants in the U.K., where generators deliver combined heat and power for daily operations, Cummins addresses the full spectrum of modern power requirements. 

Reliable rental power for every application across the globe

Cummins serves the rental power industry with reliable on-site power products for a variety of applications in every corner of the world. Whether you need prime power for a remote gold mine, backup power for scheduled maintenance or emergency power after a natural disaster, Cummins rental power units are designed for ease of operation and maximum flexibility. It’s why customers around the globe look to Cummins for cost-effective, short-term and long-term mobile power solutions.

Wide range of Tier 4-certified rental power products

Over the next few years, we will be offering a full line of Tier 4-certified rental power products up to 2 MW. Cummins is also committed to achieving reduced noise levels in our mobile power units — we continue to invest resources and explore new technologies in our state-of-the art Acoustical Testing Center (ATC) in Fridley, Minnesota.

Advanced aftertreatment systems

Our new rental units are equipped with advanced aftertreatment systems that feature the most effective exhaust emissions-reduction technologies available today — they not only exceed the EPA’s Tier 4 emissions standards, but also offer improved energy efficiencies.

  • We’ve eliminated the need for diesel particulate filters (DPF) by employing a high-pressure fuel injection system that also contributes to fuel savings.
  • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology uses diesel emissions fluid (DEF) to significantly reduce NOx emissions.
  • A diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) oxidation chamber reduces particulate matter (PM) by 20 percent.
  • Through exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), we’re able to achieve additional NOx reductions.

We’re dedicated to helping our customers adapt to the DEF requirement, and will continue to offer every resource to ease that transition.

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