Tier 4 Final Rental Applications

Cummins has developed its Tier 4 Final line of mobile power generators with a keen understanding of the rental power market in mind. We realize that rental generators are expected to deliver reliable power in a variety of demanding applications, and often in rigorous operating environments. For the challenging world of rental power generation, we have successfully applied our leadership in emissions control technologies to give our customers maximum performance and flexibility.

Oil and gas— Oil and gas presents a unique set of challenges for rental power generators. Remote locations, dusty environments, harsh climate conditions and dynamic load cycles — combined with the high costs associated with downtime — make this market among the most demanding rental applications. Cummins has designed and tested its Tier 4 line of generators to ensure 24x7 power availability in these austere conditions.

Event rentals— When installing generators in urban settings, operators must be cognizant of the environmental and social impacts. Cummins’ Tier 4 Final generators significantly reduce harmful emissions, making them a cleaner option for these applications. We also offer best-in class noise-reduction technology to minimize disturbance at the event and its surroundings.

Construction, industrial and commercial— Cummins has developed a full line of Tier 4F-certified generators that delivers maximum flexibility for our rental customers. We offer the ability to switch from multiple voltage configurations, and also dual-speed 60 Hz/50 Hz frequency switching. Our 150 to 300 kW power range generators offer paralleling as a standard feature, giving our customers maximum operational and fleet management flexibility with Tier 4 Final certification.

Emergency response— Cummins’ rental generators are designed for ease of transport across large distances. And with our wide network of distributors throughout the country, we can ensure that help is only a phone call away.  

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