Tier 4 Answers for Rentals

At Cummins, we’ve invested significant time and research to understand the complexities associated with the Tier 4 transition and address your challenges.

We know you have Tier 4 questions.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Tier 4 regulations require a significant reduction in diesel emissions for all mobile generator applications. We realize you have a wide range of questions about the transition to Tier 4 — from emissions control technologies to the impact on the economics of a rental operation — and this website is designed to alleviate your concerns. How do Tier 4 emissions regulations impact my rental fleet and its operations? What is the most suitable emissions technology for my application? When am I required to make the transition?

Cummins has the answers.

Cummins has consistently taken a leadership role on emissions reduction since the introduction of the EPA’s initial regulations for on-highway applications and subsequent evolution into multiple stationary, non-road and mobile segments. As a result, today we are able to leverage our extensive experience with emissions control technologies to develop the power industry’s most robust rental generators. We are committed to providing you with maximum operational flexibility, while still meeting the EPA’s ever-tightening requirements for lower emissions.

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