Residential Transfer Switch

Residential Transfer Switch

Ampere Rating 100 - 400

The Cummins Power Generation residential transfer switches are integrated with the Cummins Power Generation residential gensets. These products are Listed to UL 1008, the Standard for Transfer Switch Safety.

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The switch and generator set combination is specifically designed for a simplified, quicker installation. When stable utility voltage returns, the transfer switch will automatically switch electrical load from the generator to the utility. No action is required by the home owner. Cummins residential transfer switches are also available in Service Entrance models. A service entrance version is also UL 1008 listed and makes use of a UL 489 listed circuit breaker.

Model Name Ampere Rating Spec Sheet
RA100A 100 NAS-5810-EN
RA200A 200 NAS-5810-EN
RA400A 400 NAS-5810-EN
RA100A SE 100 NAS-5810-EN
RA200A SE 200 NAS-5810-EN
RA400A SW 400 NAS-5810-EN
RSS100A 100 A-1568
RSS200A 200 A-1568

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