OTIII Transfer Switch

OTIII Transfer Switch

Ampere Rating 40 - 1000

The Cummins Power Generation OTIII non-automatic transfer switch offers flexibility when remote controlled or manual transfer or retransfer of load is required.

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Non-automatic transfer switches are used in conjunction with an automatic transfer switch which monitors the normal power source and remotely signals the non-automatic transfer switches to transfer and retransfer load. The non-automatic transfer switch allows an operator to manually transfer from a utility or prime power source to a standby power source in the case of a power failure or when there is maintenance or exercising requirement.

Model Name Ampere Rating Spec Sheet
OTIII A Frame 40-1000 S-1548
OTIII B Frame 40-1000 S-1548
OTIII C Frame 40-1000 S-1548
OT!!! D Frame 40-1000 S-1548

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