OHPC Transfer Switch

OHPC Transfer Switch

Ampere Rating 125 - 800

The Cummins Power Generation Series OHPC PowerCommand®: automatic transfer switch monitors the primary power source, signals the generator to start upon loss or destabilization of utility power and then automatically transfers the load to the generator. Once the utility power source becomes available and stable, the OHPC will return the load to the primary source.

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Designed and constructed specifically for open transition operation, this clean sheet, revolutionary design incorporates the innovative High Endurance Mechanism (HEM) for uncompromising reliability with the proven PowerCommand Microprocessor Control. The PowerCommand® control continuously monitors both power sources to ensure that all critical parameters are within acceptable range before performing an open transition transfer. Once the parameters are within range the OHPC will transfer in open transition mode.

Model Name Ampere Rating Spec Sheet
OHPCB 125-800 S-1502
OHPCC 125-800 S-1502
OHPCD 125-800 S-1502
OHPCA 125-800 S-1502

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