GTEC Transfer Switch

GTEC Transfer Switch

Ampere Rating 40 - 2000

GTEC transfer switches combine reliability and flexibility in a small, economical package for transferring loads between a utility and a generator set, or between two generators.

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The microprocessor control monitors utility and emergency standby generator power. When utility power fails or is unsatisfactory, the control starts the generator, then transfers the load from the utility to the generator. When stable utility power returns, the switch automatically transfers the load back to the utility.

For genset-to-genset applications, the generator set that is connected to the utility side of the control is the lead genset. If the lead generator set goes down or is taken offline, the transfer switch starts the second generator set and transfers the load. The control can be programmed to alternate between the two generator set at a set interval up to 300 hours.

Model Name Ampere Rating Spec Sheet
GTECA 40-2000 SG-1478L
GTECB 40-2000 SG-1478L
GTECC 40-2000 SG-1478L
GTECD 40-2000 SG-1478L
GTECE 40-2000 SG-1478L
GTECF 40-2000 SG-1478L
GTECG 40-2000 SG-1478L

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