btpc transfer switch product

BTPC Bypass Isolation Transfer Switch

Ampere Rating 150 - 1000

Available Regions

US and Canada,  Russia,  Africa & Middle East,  Mexico,  Philippines,  Argentina,  Brazil,  Bolivia,  Uruguay,  Paraguay,  Colombia,  Central America,  Europe,  Singapore,  Korea,  Japan


BTPC bypass isolation transfer switches combine a draw-out ATS with an isolation mechanism and a manual bypass switch to provide redundant power transfer and re-transfer capabilities for mission-critical applications. 

BTPC switches are available with closed transition for transferring loads without interruption. Like conventional transfer switches, BTCP transfer switches are designed for operation and switching of electrical loads between primary power and standby generators.

The switch monitors both power sources, signals generator startup, automatically transfer power, and returns the load to the primary power source when the utility returns and stabilizes.


  • 150A – 1000A

Bypass isolation:

  • Combines a draw-out automatic transfer switch with isolation mechanism and a manual bypass switch
  • Provides redundant power transfer and re-transfer capability for critical need applications requiring a reliable power supply to the load


  • Bypass switch and transfer switch have identical electrical ratings
  • Bypass contacts carry current only during bypass operation

Mechanical flags and transfer switch:

  • Indicate bypass and transfer switch position

Easy operation:

  • Bypass and isolation functions are simple, requiring only two operating handles

Draw-out positions:

  • Connected, tested, and isolated with door closed for safety

Heavy-duty, three-point latches:

  • Ensures door will stay closed without the need for screw-in fasteners

Positive interlocking:

  • Mechanical and electrical interlocking prevent source-to-source connection through the power or control wiring
Model Name Ampere Rating Spec Sheet
BTPCG 150-4000 S-1271
BTPCH 150-4000 S-1271
BTPCJ 150-4000 S-1271
BTPCB 150-4000 S-1271
BTPCC 150-4000 S-1271
BTPCD 150-4000 S-1271
BTPCE 150-4000 S-1271
BTPCF 150-4000 S-1271

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