ONAN QG 2800i

ONAN QG 2800i / 2500i LP

Frequency (Hz) 60
Certification EPA Tier 3
Fuel Type Gas

The new Onan QG 2800i / 2500i LP is a high efficiency gasoline generator with reduced noise and vibration levels, while providing a returnless EFI system to improve performance


Motorhome and RV Generators






  Features Benefits
Vibration and noise Variable-speed Generator Less noise and vibration and lower fuel consumption
Three-point isolation mounts and integrated flex coupling on the muffler Reduce vibrations felt inside of RV
Maintenance and operation Oil level and pressure monitoring No daily oil check necessary
40% larger oil capacity Greater cooling capacity
Inverter control Prevents nuisances circuit breaker tripping
Electronic fuel ignition No carburetor varnishing and monitoring generator functions on OEM status display panels
Fuel and efficiency Variable speed Slows the generator down to improve fuel efficiency and moderate operating loads
Oil and inverter temperature sensors Shut down generator to protect equipment if oil or inverter exceed recommended range
9% lighter than previous model Increases cargo capacity
Available in gas or LP (propane) models Provides fuel flexibility and can eliminate the need for alternative fueling tanks
Generator Model Hz RPM Phase Watts Voltage Amps Fuel Type Spec Sheet
2.8HGLAA-8302A 60 2445 - 2900 1 2800 120 23.3 Gas S-6505
2.8HGLAA-8303A 60 2445 - 2900 1 2800 120 23.3 Gas S-6505
  • Computer-controlled variable speed operation matches engine speed to load demand, minimizing noise level and vibration.
  • LP and EFI gasoline models
  • No fuel return line necessary - EFI gasoline
  • EVAP model for specialized applications
  • High power quality with inverted electrical output for sensitive RV loads.
  • J1939 communications capable
  • Increased oil capacity, reduced oil consumption, low oil shutdown switch, high oil temperature sensor, allows for no required oil checks between recommended oil changes.
  • Quietest generator sets of their size.
  • Completely enclosed with muffler, quick and easy to install.
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Low fuel consumption

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