Rugged Mobile Power

To ensure emergency and battle readiness, you need the ability to operate in some of the world’s most extreme physical environments. Not only do our Rugged Mobile Power (RMP) gensets have a low noise signature (68 and 72 dB) and operate in extreme temperatures, they offer significantly better fuel efficiency and require fewer maintenance costs and parts inventory needs than other commercial generator sets.

Reliable Power Generation for Military and Disaster Relief

When you’re in the field, you can’t waste time worrying about the operating capability of your generator. Adapted from our Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources (AMMPS) units that are already successfully in use by U.S. military forces, our Rugged Mobile Power (RMP) generator sets are now available to provide reliable continuous power to non-U.S. military, defense and disaster-relief organizations.

We have adapted our unparalleled military grade technology and engineering platform for use in challenging military and disaster relief missions. Rugged Mobile Power (RMP) products are perfect for any application confronting challenging logistics and extreme environments where lesser-designed products just don’t stand up:

  • International military uses; battlefield-proven design and features that meet woldwide military requirments
  • Prime, back-up or emergency power needs
  • Disaster search, recovery, relief and reconstruction deployment
  • Ideal for remote jungle locales, isolated arctic operations and arid, sand-blown outposts

Think Cummins Rugged Mobile Power (RMP) generator sets when you need tough, reliable, field-proven power generation.

Why Rugged Mobile Power?

For applications and customers that value continuous, reliable power under extreme physical environments and/or emergency situations with:

  • Limited supply of fuel/high fuel cost
  • Continuous power needs
  • Limited availability of parts; parts commonality among units (48%); reduced inventory
  • Lack of maintenance support

Cummins Rugged Mobile Power provides:

  • Significantly better fuel efficiency and multi-fuel options, including JP-8 (NATO F-34), DF-1 and DF-2
  • Reliability and durability that meets military standards
  • Prime power rating with standard paralleling feature for load management
  • Decreased maintenance costs with longer service intervals
  • Ability to operate under extreme temperature environments; 58°C to -45°C (135°F to -50°F) operating temperatures
  • 24-volt starting with standard NATO connection

As the industry leader, Cummins offers the widest range of diesel and gas generator models in the industry. This ensures that you will find the appropriate equipment for your specification or load.

Worldwide Support

Cummins’ industry-leading sales engineering and service support is available 24/7 from distributor locations around the world. Visit our Sales and Service locator to find the distributor nearest you.

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