Generators Maintenance Tips

Preventive maintenance is essential for reliable starts and the extended service life of your Cummins generator. Follow the five tips below to ensure continued satisfactory performance.

1. Follow the schedule in the operator’s manual for routine periodic engine and generator maintenance.  

2. Maintenance operations should be performed more frequently if your generator(s) operate in environments subject to temperature extremes and/or dusty conditions. 

3. Start the generator frequently and keep a log of the hours on your unit after each run. Keep this information in an accessible file with records of any service or maintenance performed. This helps optimize service life and provides a basis for supporting warranty claims when needed. 

4. Use an authorized Cummins dealer or distributor for maintenance, replacement or repair of emission control devices and systems. Signing up for a planned maintenance program can help ensure your generator is ready to perform when you need it most.

5. We’re here when you need us. Contact a Cummins dealer or distributor for advice on keeping your generator(s) in optimal running condition. 

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