liquid cooled gas series generator

Liquid Cooled Gas Series for Small Business Standby

Frequency (Hz) 60
Certification N/A


Small Business Standby


  • Comprehensive back up power in 125 kW, liquid cooled gas generators with proven performance Extremely quiet operation
  • Fully automatic operation when used with a Cummins Power Generation automatic transfer panel
  • Available for use with natural gas or LP vapor
  • Attractive and discreet sound attenuated housing
  • Electronic governor for precise frequency control
  • Includes 120 V coolant heater
  • Aluminum enclosure available
  • Warranty
Generator Model Hz Phase Voltage Amps Spec Sheet
125GGHJ 60 1 120 / 240 1042/520.8 NAS-5630-EN
125GGHJ 60 3 120 / 208 752.7/434.2 NAS-5630-EN

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